All The Unique Beauties From Boghossian We Can't Get Enough Of And Why

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Oct 6 2019 / 16:49 PM

The 151-year-old fine jewellery house reveals more than just beautiful designs

All The Unique Beauties From Boghossian We Can't Get Enough Of And Why
Courtesy of Boghossian
Sapphire, Turquoise, Aquamarine and Diamond Bangle

Marrying metal and precious gemstones, the glistening jewels featured in the Silk collection by Geneva-based fine jewellery house Boghossian echo the Maison’s heritage, tracing back over a century. Inspired by the ancient Chinese art of silk weaving, no two pieces are the same and there’s a certain historic charm to the jewels.

A highlight of the collection is the Mardin Diamond and Aquamarine set, comprising princess-cut, pear-shaped, half-moon and triangular 33.74 carat diamonds intertwined with 46.68 carat aquamarine stones.

Silk  Mardin Diamond and Aquamarine Set

Courtesy of Boghossian

Named after the place where it all began in 1868 – Mardin, Turkey (which used to be an important town for Armenians on the Silk Road) – the set pays homage to the Maison’s roots, resembling the intricate architecture of the city which is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Other stunning pieces of note from Boghossian's further collections include the statement Fancy Grey-Blue Diamond Ring, featuring four trianguar-shaped diamonds at each corner and a beautiful 5.01 carat emerald-cut diamond housed within four baguette-shaped 2.21 carat diamonds.

Fancy Grey-Blue Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Boghossian

The Colombian No Oil Emerald and Diamond Earrings are also showstoppers, with rare Colombian emeralds, half-moon-shaped and triangular diamonds, and a chandelier of 38 baguette-shaped diamonds.

Having existed for six generations, the jewellery house perpetually reveals distinctive masterpieces by challenging traditional design norms, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing cultures and innovations of each time to exhibit a harmonious blend of eastern and western influences.

Colombian No Oil Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Courtesy of Boghossian

The Mughal Empire is a continuous source of inspiration for the vibrant colours and patterns seen in the pieces. The historic inlay jewellery-making technique (where one gemstone is placed within another) is another way the Maison is reviving history - a craft which led the brand to invent the 'kissing' technique, where two contrasting stones are used to create the illusion that one is floating over another. 

Boghossian's wide-ranging inspirations and use of ancient techniques have made us fall in love. More than just another collection, each precious jewel is a design marvel imbued with heritage and cultural flair, taking us back to a time when revolutionary craftsmanship was born.