How To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring In Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Oct 7 2018 / 15:04 PM

The founder of his eponymous fine jewellery brand, Fergus James, shares some of his diamond expertise and top tips for finding the ideal engagement ring

How To Buy The Perfect Engagement Ring In Dubai
Courtesy Fergus James

HBA: Where did your interest in engagement rings come from?

FJ: My wife lost her diamond engagement ring in 2008 and I had a bit of a confusing experience when trying to replace it. I thought how amazing it would be to have a transparent, straightforward buying experience that came with an amazing price - and the idea for Fergus James was born.  I’m now obsessed with diamonds and jewellery and, what basically started as a hobby, has became my full time job.

Fergus James Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring Dubai

Round cuts are still the most popular shape of diamond at Fergus James

HBA: How can we buy an engagement ring from you?

FJ: Customers who live in Dubai and the UAE generally visit our Design Studio and book a complimentary diamond consultation with either myself, or one of my Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified team members.  We guide them through the important elements of a diamond’s features (cut, colour, clarity and certification) so that they can make an informed choice about what matches their requirements in terms of quality and price. 

We have around 150 different diamond engagement ring styles in the studio, so customers normally find a style that they love, but even if they don’t then we can also make any design.  Our goal is simply to listen to their needs and provide them with professional guidance and practical advice so that we find them their perfect diamond match. 

Fergus James Pear Diamond Engagement Ring Dubai

The Fergus James Design Studio has 150 engagement ring styles to choose from

HBA: What are your top tips when looking for a diamond engagement ring?

FJ: Consult with a professional for impartial advice that helps you maximize the value of your purchase (the Fergus James team is perfect for this); always buy a GIA-certified diamond as other certification houses tend to over-grade diamonds; if you’re buying a round diamond always buy an excellent cut; and finally, to get more value, don’t be scared of going down the colour scale, or buying a diamond with fluorescence.

HBA: What are the most popular diamond engagement ring trends at the moment?

FJ: The biggest trend that we’re seeing is uniqueness, with customers desiring completely original diamond engagement rings.  They highlight two or three different design elements from a variety of rings that they love, and combine them all together.  The results are fantastic. 

With regards to diamonds, we are seeing more fancy shapes than before, such as oval and cushion shapes, but round cuts are still by far and away the most popular choice.

Fergus James Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Dubai

Fergus James is also spotting a trend for more fancy diamond cuts

HBA:  Can you share with us your favourite proposal story?

FJ: We’ve seen our fair share of amazing proposals, but the ones that I always remember are those that have some form of personal meaning to them.  One customer recently proposed to his girlfriend in the restaurant that he took her to for their first date, which I thought was really sweet.