How To Style Your Watch Three Different Ways

BY Jessica Vince / Sep 23 2018 / 16:18 PM

Italian jeweller Carolina Bucci shows us why a classic timepiece is the ultimate accessory

How To Style Your Watch Three Different Ways
Marc Ducrest

Whatever your style, the way you wear your watch can say a lot about you. In the office or on the town, it’s vital that your timepiece not only keeps you punctual, but works effortlessly with your wardrobe too.

As way of inspiration, we looked to the well-adorned wrist of jewellery designer Carolina Bucci to see how she styles her beloved Royal Oak watch.

For work

"When I'm at work, it's important that my clothes aren't overpowering so I look for high-quality fabrics and incredible cuts," Bucci tells me from her office in London. "My workwear style is relaxed luxury, but mainly, I let my jewellery do the talking."

As the creative director of her family's jewellery dynasty, Bucci knows a thing or two about accessorising. "I love layering, but not in a delicate or traditional way. I'm Italian and gesticulate a lot so I couldn't handle jangling jewels. I wear my gold woven and twister bracelets to bring just the right amount of glamour without them getting in the way."

Considering this is the one accessory we wear every day, finding a watch that complements your workwear is key. "Audemars Piguet's Royal Oak is the perfect match for my office style," says Bucci. "The brand gave me the opportunity to redesign their iconic design and I wanted to create a women's timepiece that doesn't just involve a sprinkling of diamonds and a pink strap." With this synergy of Bucci's jewellery expertise and Audemars' watchmaking, the resulting design is understated, authoritative glamour.

Carolina Bucci

For weekends

For those who like to mix it up, the weekend is your time to push the fashion envelope. "I've always loved colour - the way it interacts and the emotions it provokes - so I get experimental with my jewellery when I'm off-duty," reveals Bucci. "I wear my Forte Beads to bring just the right amount of playfulness to my look."

Layering on vibrant bracelets is a great way to add an individual twist and make your watch personal to you. "I wear a myriad of semi-precious colour stone beads as they remind me of childhood days braiding friendship bracelets with my sister on Forte dei Marmi Beach. It's fun to try different combinations and mix in letter beads when I want to make a statement."

Carolina Bucci

For weddings

Elevating your look for a special occasion is easy when armed with a breath-taking timepiece and, according to Carolina, you can't go wrong with classic styles.

"My mother has always inspired my look," says Carolina. "She would wear the most beautiful gowns whether she was going to the theatre or the Opera. The family safe was in my childhood bedroom, hidden behind a painting, so she’d come in and unroll these beautiful jewels and watches. I would lie in bed, watching her getting ready."

Carolina Bucci

Today, Carolina embraces her Italian roots and amps up the glamour herself with floor-length dresses and a flash of yellow gold on the wrist. "I love how the Royal Oak truly shimmers thanks to my signature Florentine Finish and the smooth mirror dial reflects the world around me. It makes for a unique talking point." And one that will never go out of style.

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