Interview: Buccellati Debuts New Collections in Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Apr 5 2017 / 18:34 PM

Speaking Exclusively To Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Luca Buccellati Discusses The Brand’s Creations And Their Plans For The Middle East

Interview: Buccellati Debuts New Collections in Dubai
Courtesy Buccellati
A gold and diamond Giglio Ring by Buccellati
Interview: Buccellati Debuts New Collections in Dubai
Courtesy Buccellati
Luca Buccellati

Since Buccellati’s beginnings in Milan in the early 20th century, their jewels have been recognised for their unique engraving style. Harking back to ancient goldsmithing techniques of the Italian Renaissance, Buccellati’s creations demonstrate this unique “silky” effect that makes their jewels so instantly recognisable.

With Buccellati’s pieces currently available at Bloomingdale's in The Dubai Mall and Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates throughout The Middle East, Luca Buccellati recently visited the city to host an event celebrating the debut of the latest collections, Giglio and Opera Macri.

What is Buccellati doing today?

We were a family business until three years ago but now have the freshness of new ownership, as we want to grow the brand. Yet we still work very closely together as a family. I joined the company 24 years ago and have grown up there – to this day I work alongside my cousins across the business.

Gold and diamond earrings by Buccellati

A pair of yellow gold and diamond earrings by Buccellati

Can you tell us more about Buccellati’s designs?

Everything is engraved – you won’t see any plain gold in our creations. We are crazy about detail, and therefore our pieces often take a whole year to make. Buccellati’s jewels appeal to a wide range of customers, from the Opera collection for younger collectors, to one-off bespoke jewels that no one else in the world has.

Why do you think Buccellati’s jewels are popular in The Middle East?

Clients here know exactly what they want. Therefore jewels such as ours, which look so different from any other brand, do very well here. The Middle East understands tradition and heritage, and therefore instantly “gets” our unique designs and what we are trying to do.

A gold and diamond necklace by Buccellati

A yellow gold and diamond necklace by Buccellati

What are Buccellati’s plans for The Middle East?

It is one of my favourite places to do business – there is a huge amount of confidence here and our customers are not afraid to spend money on what they want. The region is extremely important to us and I come to The Middle East very regularly, visiting places such as Doha, Dubai and Bahrain. We are opening a new store in Kuwait and I’m hoping to open a store in Dubai too in the near future.

What are you doing in Dubai today?

This evening I’m presenting the new collections – but for me the main purpose is meeting and talking to our customers. One of my responsibilities is looking after our VIP clients and therefore I want to build relationships and trust. These are so important, and I’m lucky to now count many of our customers as my friends.