Sarah Hashwani Takes Us Inside Dubai-Born Jewellery Line Rŭhania

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 10 2017 / 15:51 PM

Launched earlier this year, the jewellery brand celebrates spirituality and wellbeing through beautiful designs

Sarah Hashwani Takes Us Inside Dubai-Born Jewellery Line Rŭhania
Courtesy Ruhania
"Waves of Heaven" Misbaha beads in grey pearls and diamonds, Dhs 12,750
Sarah Hashwani Takes Us Inside Dubai-Born Jewellery Line Rŭhania
Courtesy Ruhania
"Quiescence Couplet" Misbaha beads in freshwater white pearls and diamond charm, Dhs 5,765

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia: Why did you establish rŭhania?

Sarah Hashwani: rŭhania was born from three of my greatest passions – the inner spiritual journey, health and wellness, and beautiful jewellery.

I was inspired by the Misbahas (prayer beads) I carried with me every day to present them in a jewellery line handcrafted with precious gemstones. Creating wearable, beautiful jewellery that supports the human need to stay in touch with a greater power, whilst adding that zing to your personal style statement.

Ruhania Sacred Symphony

rŭhania "Sacred Symphony" Misbaha beads set in 18-karat gold, turquoise and diamonds, Dhs 10,820

HBA: Where is rŭhania based and who is your typical customer?

SH: We are based in Dubai, the heart and new global centre of the retail world. Our customer is anyone looking to express her individuality with symbolism, stay connected to the greater force or just experience the sheer joy of wearing exquisite jewellery.

HBA: Tell us a bit about your background – how did you get into jewellery design?

SH: Soon after graduating from university in Texas, I moved back to Islamabad to lead Hashoo Foundation, a non-profit development organisation set up by my parents and headed the Governance and Strategy Department at Hashoo Group, the family business.

However, after working for ten years in the corporate sector, I felt it was time to stop, think and reconnect with my spiritual journey. I also had this desire to set up a business with a soul and purpose, and not just for financial rewards.

I really wanted others to experience the power and peace of wearing prayer beads throughout the day whilst also expressing their individuality.

Ruhania Divine Intervention

rŭhania "Divine Inspiration" Misbaha beads in peach pearls, rose gold and diamonds, Dhs 13,600

HBA: What is unique about the rŭhania brand?

SH: rŭhania is an expression of individuality, spirituality, and symbolism. The carefully created combinations of gemstones and metals are sourced from the best, accredited suppliers around the world. I believe in responsible, clean sourcing and hold this up as the company standard.

HBA: Can you tell us a bit more about the collections?

SH: All rŭhania jewels are crafted from gold, diamonds and precious stones.

Our first collection is called Sacred Talisman – featuring wearable Misbahas that can be wrapped around your wrist or your neck.  The second collection is called Gratitude – one can express their gratitude to life, to others or simply to the Universe, by wearing or gifting these exquisite fragments of nature that spread positivity and joy.

rŭhania also creates bespoke pieces and this is an area of great passion for us.

Ruhania Gratitude The Joy Trilogy

rŭhania's "Joy Trilogy" Gratitude bracelet with rose gold beads and diamond butterfly charm, Dhs 3,719

HBA: What are your favourite gems and materials in the collections?

Each rŭhania design is unique. Our artisans work with different combinations of precious stones and metals - diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and I personally love all of them.

I design them myself and have several experienced jewellery professionals and gemologists who I constantly consult whilst creating our collections. Needless to say, my team of staff and artisans are excellent. 

HBA: Where do you see rŭhania in the future?

We see rŭhania in every major outlet across the markets of the UAE, London, and New York. Meanwhile, we will always maintain a strong digital presence through our e-shop on the website and social media.

Our dream is to make the idea of rŭhania jewellery meaningful in heart, spirit and attitude.