Kuwaiti Fine Jewellery House Intisars Collaborates With The Empty Quarter In Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Apr 2 2018 / 22:44 PM

Founder Sheikha Intisar AlSabah has created a limited edition Aqqal bracelet to commemorate the Year of Zayed showcased at The Empty Quarter Fine Art Photography Gallery in DIFC

Kuwaiti Fine Jewellery House Intisars Collaborates With The Empty Quarter In Dubai
Sheikha Intisar AlSabah with The Empty Quarter Co-Founder Safa Al Hamed

INTISARS has announced the launch of a limited edition collection of eight Emirati Aqqal bracelets set with diamonds, emeralds and rubies in homage to the UAE national flag. The gems are mounted in an 18-karat yellow gold Tubogas bracelet design that is handmade in Italy.

The collection is currently showcased at The Empty Quarter, DIFC’s photography gallery co-founded by Saudi Arabian Princess HH Reem Al- Faisel and Emirati Safa Al Hamed. To celebrate the Year of Zayed, the gallery is exhibiting archive photography of Sheikh Zayed that explores how the UAE has transformed over the years into the thriving metropolis of today.


The Empty Quarter's Co-founder Safa Al Hamed with His Excellency Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al Marri at the opening event

Speaking exclusively to Bazaar, Sheikha Intisar says, “Because we’re celebrating the Year of Zayed this is a beautiful opportunity to support the whole exhibit. The Aqqal is a masculine symbol of the Gulf that was obviously worn by Sheikh Zayed, and we see it as a symbol of his generosity and honour.”

“We thought more about what we could do with the bracelet to celebrate what Zayed liked. Our first thought was pearls and we began sourcing them, but quickly realised that while they’re beautiful you shouldn’t put them on your wrist as they can become damaged quickly! The final idea was actually very simple in the end: the Emirates. So we put the flag on the piece.”


Bracelets from the original Aqqal bracelet collection, from Dhs 125,200, Intisars

Discussing the collaboration with The Empty Quarter, Sheikha is a firm believer that art and jewellery belong together. “We always look for partnerships within the art world because we believe our jewellery is a work of art,” she explains. “The pieces are not mass-produced; even our core collections are only ever in limited editions of 50 and are beautiful to see. It’s a no-brainer to me.”


The Empty Quarter's Safa Al Hamed with Sheikha Intisar and His Excellency Major General Mohammed Ahmed Al-Marri

All the proceeds from the sale of the special edition Emirati Aqqals will go to the Intisars Foundation, which aims to provide support and create opportunities for girls and women in areas affected by armed conflicts in the Arab world. “I want to help them grow their strength and support their families, using different methods such as art therapy and cognitive help,“ Sheika says.


The limited edition Aqqal bracelets from Intisars are available at The Empty Quarter, DIFC

Each limited edition Emirati Aqqal bracelet is priced at Dhs 135,000 and is available at The Empty Quarter, DIFC, with the photography exhibition open until 19 May 2018.