Mix & Match: Maral Artinian Divulges The Ultimate Tips For Layering Your Jewellery

BY Connie Chamberlayne / Mar 18 2019 / 21:47 PM

After recently celebrating MARLI New York's first ever GCC flagship store at The Dubai Mall, BAZAAR caught up with the label's Founder and Creative Director to learn about the tenacious trend of jewellery layering and how much is in fact 'too much'

Mix & Match: Maral Artinian Divulges The Ultimate Tips For Layering Your Jewellery
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Harper's BAZAAR Arabia: We love getting inspired by your MsM&M IGTV episodes. Why do you think jewellery layering is such a successful trend?

MA: Each woman today tries to express her own personal style. Her personality wants to differentiate from others. Wearing a single piece alone is something that can be seen on anyone. But, a specific combination of pieces in varying shapes and colours lends a unique touch to any ensemble, creating a signature look for the wearer.

HBA: Can you ever wear too much jewellery in one go?

MA: Yes, but it’s not the quantity it’s the way you wear it that matters. You can wear one piece, or five pieces and still have the same impact.

Maral wears the Rock Sway Cuff Earring $3,950 (Dhs 14,506).

HBA: What are three fundamental things to remember when picking the right jewellery pieces for an outfit?

MA: Surprise yourself.  I don't like predictability in life and in style, so I am therefore not very fond of obvious combinations. For example, a 'bon ton' look (such as a little black dress) may be expected to be seen with simple stud earrings, whereas I would choose to elevate it with a cuff earring instead.

Feel good. A person who feels good, looks good. Feel free to express yourself and irradiate your audience. Wear whatever makes you feel that you are really owning your look.

Have fun. Take pleasure in picking out your combination and enjoy the process of building your look. There is no right or wrong, there is only you telling your personal story.

Maral wears the Cleo Chain Diamond Necklace "Super" $16,000 (Dhs 58,760);. In her ear, she has the Rock Sway Cuff Earring $3,950.00 (Dhs 14,506). On Maral's left hand she wears the Cleo Diamond Statement Ring $5,300 (Dhs 19,464).


HBA: When should you opt for layering necklaces?

MA: Always. Layering is something which can be done at such different levels. Mostly I think you should layer when you want to have your unique and personal style.


Maral layers the Rock Charm Necklace "Superior" $10,000 (Dhs36,725) and the Rock Statement Slip-On-Collar $11,050 (Dhs 40,581). In her ear is the Rock Sway Cuff Earring $3,950 (Dhs 14,506).

HBA: What type of necklines lend themselves to a layered necklace look?

MA: Any. It’s easier to think of layering when you are wearing a V-neck because you have the space to explore many options. However, a turtle neck also works very well. If you are wearing a large turtle neck, I would suggest layering with a short necklace underneath. For example, our Rock Charm Necklace (pictured), which would show when a larger turtle neck moves. You can then wear longer necklaces over the neckline itself. For example, our Rock Long Diamond Necklace or the Rock Drop Chain Necklace.

Maral wears the Cleo Chain Diamond Necklace "Super" $16,000 (Dhs 58,760). On her wrist is the Cleo Statement Slip-On Bangle in Milky Aquamarine, Pink Opal and Chalcedony $7,700 each (Dhs 28,278). Maral also wears the Cleo Diamond Wrap Ring $2,350 (Dhs 8,630) and the Cleo Statement Ring $3,100 (Dhs 11,385).

HBA: What are the key rules to remember when choosing different lengths?

MA: The key rule is: create a story, not a list. If you want to do a short necklace story, I suggest different styles of necklaces. For example, a choker, a chain piece and a smaller chain with a pendant, for example, the Avant Choker combined with the Rock Charm Necklace and the Avant Pendant Necklace. This particular story looks great with a whole host of looks, from your favourite LBD or gown to a T-shirt with a blazer or even a casual sweater.

If you want to tell a different story, however, I suggest creating a busier look, closer to the face to enhance your eyes in which case you can add beautifully delicate, longer necklaces. For instance, the Rock Charm Necklace and the Avant Pendant Necklace (positioned closer to the face), with either the Avant Long Chain Gold Necklace, the Cleo Long Chain Necklace or the Cleo Love Pendant.

Maral layers the Chelsea Slip-On Diamond Collar $10,670 (Dhs 39,186); Deco Mode Ring $7,700 (Dhs 28,278) and Deco Slip-On Cuff $11,000 (40,398). 


HBA: Which styles work best when it comes to combining bracelets?

MA: I love to layer the bracelets from our Cleo collection because they are the same distinct design, but come in many different colours and different sizes, so you can always find a unique combination. Picking from turquoise, green jade, red agate, black onyx, lapis lazuli, to pink opal (to name a few) and opting for either a unified look (of either small, or large) or a mix of both will give you a plethora of options to suit your depending on your mood and style.

HBA: Should you ever layer bracelets with a lot of stones?

MA: Definitely. It’s just a matter of the specific design though and what works together.

Maral layers the Cleo Statement Slip-On Bangle in Milky Aquamarine, Pink Opal and Chalcedony $7,700 (Dhs 28,278); Cleo Diamond Wrap Ring $2,350 (Dhs 8,630) and the Cleo Statement Ring $3,100 (Dhs 11,385).

HBA: Should you ever mix metals and different shades of gold?

MA: I love mixing different colours of gold. In fact, this is why all our pieces come in yellow, white and rose gold. The idea is to mix and match all of the different gold options. Our customers are extremely good at combining them, to the point that some of them have asked me to customize some pieces so that they have different gold shades in a single piece!


HBA: Can you layer on more than one finger?

MA: Yes, with the right style you can have a different ring on each finger and even multiple rings on one finger. I love to layer rings. For example, adding a piece on top of a wedding band. This doesn’t have to be an engagement ring, it can be any ring that means something to you.

Maral studies three of her Cleo Slip-On Bangles in Milky Aquamarine, White Agate and Pink Opal $3,450 each (Dhs 12,670). On her right hand, she wears the Cleo Statement Ring $3,100 (Dhs 11,385). On her left hand, Maral wears Cleo Diamond Wrap Ring $2,350 (Dhs 8,630).

HBA: How can you find your perfect ring size?

MA: By coming to the MARLI Flagship Store!

HBA: What are the key things to consider when choosing the right rings to layer?

MA: Make sure to balance your combination. This may include having a statement finger and having the others framing it. An example might be wearing the Cleo Full Diamond Statement Ring balanced with a smaller Cleo Wrap Ring on the pinkie finger.

Add a pop of colour. For example with the Cleo Wrap Ring or the Cleo Statement Ring, which have many stone colour options. Or play with different diamond shapes. I love the Rock Twin Ring, which has the duo of the oval and pear diamonds with the Chelsea Diamond Ring.

Ultimately the key to jewellery layering is not to be afraid and to just have fun with it. I personally love spending time the end of my weekend choosing my stacking combinations for the week!

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