This Emirati Jewellery Brand Is Now Available At Bloomingdale’s Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Feb 14 2019 / 20:02 PM

The inspirational designer behind MKS Jewellery, HRH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, speaks exclusively to Bazaar about the design collaboration with Emirati artist Amalie Beljafla

This Emirati Jewellery Brand Is Now Available At Bloomingdale’s Dubai
Courtesy MKS Jewellery

MKS Jewellery celebrated their launch at Bloomingdale’s Dubai, with the event showcasing the brand’s stunning designs alongside the debut of the capsule collection created in a collaboration between HRH Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan and Emirati artist Amalie Beljafla.

MKS Jewellery Amalie Beljafla Bloomingdales

The collaboration between MKS Jewellery and Emirati artist Amalie Beljafla focuses on symbolism and intricacy

HRH Sheikha Mariam is the inspirational designer and driving force behind the MKS Jewellery label, which embodies the heritage and spirit of the UAE through contemporary pieces. Amalie Beljafla’s artworks are renowned for their use of symbolism, intricacy, spirituality and a surrealist approach.

Speaking exclusively to Harper’s BAZAAR Arabia, Sheikha Mariam says of the collection, “Nothing makes me more proud than to be joining forces with a talented local female artist. The designs came out so beautifully because we both have the UAE engrained in our influences. I wanted people to see that jewellery is also a form of art, and the underlying symbolism found in Amalie’s work is something MKS strongly relates to.”

MKS Jewellery Amalie Beljafla

Alnoor emerald pendant/earring, Dhs 33,500, and Alsalaam opal pendant/earring, Dhs 26,500, MKS Jewellery X Amalie Beljafla, Bloomingdale's Dubai

Amalie Beljafla agrees, commenting, "With both myself and Sheikha Mariam being Emirati we felt that we could  create a powerful collaboration together to create something original, unique and beautiful. At the time I was creating my paintings for the Abu Dhabi Art Fair which had a surreal approach, which was something that inspired Sheikha Mariam and myself to create a jewellery collection together called "The Enlightenment Collection".

Reflecting on the debut of the collection at Bloomingdale’s, Sheikha Mariam comments, “The launch is an exciting new chapter for the brand. It is part of sharing and telling stories through jewellery, making people look at pieces in a different light and finding so much heritage and sentiment.”

MKS Jewellery Bloomingdales

Other stunning MKS collections are also available at Bloomingdale's Dubai

The exclusive collection boasts limited edition masterpieces, signed and certified by both the Artist and MKS Jewellery. It is only available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai, alongside other stunning MKS collections including Girl Code, Geogami and Floating Gems.