Mouawad Just Bought A Diamond That Weighs Over 50 Carats

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 16 2018 / 13:46 PM

The luxury jewellery group announced the purchase of the Dynasty gem that will join their world famous diamond collection

Mouawad Just Bought A Diamond That Weighs Over 50 Carats
Courtesy Mouawad
The Dynasty diamond

Mouawad has revealed that they have bought the Dynasty diamond, which weighs an enormous 51.38 carats and was the largest and purest diamond in a collection of five stones that sold for a total of $10million.

The rough diamond was originally unearthed in 2015 in the Republic of Sakha in Russia, when it weighed 179 carats before being cut to its current weight. As a D colour brilliant-cut diamond it has the top colour grade, and its VVS1 clarity makes it the best quality large diamond ever created in Russia.

Mouawad-Dynasty-Diamond-AcquisitionThe Dynasty diamond is a brilliant-cut that weighs 51.38 carats

Mouawad is famous for their stunning diamond purchases, which over the years have included the 245.35-carat Jubilee Diamond, the 135.92-carat Queen of Holland, and the 69.42-carat Taylor Burton that was gifted to Elizabeth Taylor by her husband Richard Burton.


Elizabeth Taylor wearing the 69.42-carat Taylor Burton pear-shaped diamond that is now also in the Mouawad collection


Fred and Pascal Mouawad, Co-Guardians of the Mouawad Group, stated, “We are very proud of this important acquisition and will add it to our repertoire of historic diamond acquisitions.  It’s a rare gem with a remarkable record.”