Nadine Jewellery Teams Up With Egyptian Actress Amina Khalil

BY Kasia Truscott / Jan 23 2020 / 15:25 PM

The Saudi fine jewellery brand's iconic Rouh and Neda collections take centre stage in a stunning new campaign

Nadine Jewellery Teams Up With Egyptian Actress Amina Khalil
Courtesy of Nadine Jewellery

Renowned for their elegant, timeless designs that seek inspiration from a decadent blend of nature, spirituality and culture, Nadine Jewellery is no stranger to the concept self-expression and diversity of character. And that's exactly why the fearless Egyptain actress, Amina Khalil, was the perfect fit for the jewellery label's latest lifestyle campaign. 

Shot in the beautiful city of Milan, a nod to Nadine Jewellery's reputation for handcrafting their sophisticated pieces in Italy, the campaign followed Amina as she styled the brand's iconic Rouh and Neda collections in unique, personalised ways, effortlessly transitioning between day and night. 

Worn by one of the most talented Arab artists of this generation, the Saudi fine jewellery label used Amina's natural beauty, elegance and warmth to demonstrate the chic versatility of their bespoke pieces.

Elegant and minimal, both the Rouh and Neda collections are designed to subtly complement any outfit, be it a casual ensemble or a chic cocktail gown, elevating any woman's wardrobe with an element of understated sophistication.

Founded by Nadine Attar, the eponymous Saudi jewellery label is the epitome of timeless grace. As Nadine herself explains, "The fine jewellery market had a void when it came to designs rooted in a traditional aesthetic crafted at international luxury standards; I aspired to fill that void with my brand."

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Images courtesy of Nadine Jewellery