Repossi Presents “Two Works” Jewels At Musée Picasso

BY Sophie Stevens / Aug 3 2017 / 19:05 PM

Artistic Director Gaia Repossi spoke to Bazaar about the launch and the creative link between art and jewellery

Repossi Presents “Two Works” Jewels At Musée Picasso
Courtesy Repossi
Creative Director Gaia Repossi
Repossi Presents “Two Works” Jewels At Musée Picasso
Courtesy Repossi
Repossi gold and diamond ring

The 2017 event in Paris marked 10 years since Gaia Repossi took the helm as Artistic and Creative Director at the luxury jewellery house, which was founded in Turin in 1920. Today the brand is headquartered in Paris's Place Vendôme with its collections available at Istana Jewellers in Dubai.

Gaia’s latest designs are split between high and statement jewels – hence the collection name, “Two Works”.

“Work 1” comprises the high jewellery collections. The Ode designs feature a modern twist on the opulence of classical diamonds, such as a cascading layered necklace set with oval, cushion and pear-shaped diamonds, with similarly cut stones in the ring and earring designs.

Repossi Ode diamond and gold necklace

The "Ode" diamond and gold necklace by Repossi

Meanwhile the Luminant collection revisits the idea of the solitaire diamond, with light ring and cuff designs giving the impression of diamonds floating on the wearer’s skin.

Repossi Luminant gold and diamond cuff

The "Luminant" diamond cuff by Repossi

The jewels of the Studio collection fall under “Work 2”, which feature delicate golden threads set with diamonds and semi-hidden gems. The resulting look is an elegant combination of simplicity and a unique design.

The choice of location to present these new collections demonstrates Gaia’s belief in linking jewellery craftsmanship to the art world. Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Gaia said, “To me, jewellery is an applied art, I think it’s important to keep this in mind. It requires very skilled hands and techniques that are ancestral.”

Repossi Studio gold and diamond pendant

A gold and diamond pendant from the "Studio" collection by Repossi

Visitors to the Musée Picasso could enjoy the artist’s work, which has heavily influenced Gaia’s latest designs; the Luminant collection recalls the system of Cubist mosaics, whilst the Studio collection includes a number of Fauvist and Cubist shapes in the jewels.

Yet inspiration can strike Gaia from many places: “I get a lot of influences from certain art movements or artists or even shows, but also from the street or anything basically. Things that I see that I then translate into my own language.”