On My Watch: Roos Dhunjibhoy Meyers

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Ethan Mann
Roos Dhunjibhoy Meyers
Roos is the Founder of Pikaia Women, a non-profit community aimed at educating and empowering women in financial literacy. Here, the watch and sports car enthusiast talks to Bazaar about her latest Roger Dubuis timepiece and why it’s the perfect companion for blowing off steam at Arabian Gazelles, the UAE’s first all-female supercars club

HBA: Which timepiece are you wearing?

RDM: "The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Automatic Skeleton in pink gold with diamonds from The Dubai Mall boutique."

HBA: Why this watch?

RDM: "It looks like a modern supercar – it’s as if I’m inspecting the engine through the transparent hood of a Lamborghini. The skeleton satisfies my appetite for technical sophistication in a watch: it features the signature star shape of the Roger Dubuis skeleton movement and shows off their craftsmanship in combining aesthetics with technical mechanics. This is what watch collectors’ dreams are made of."  

HBA: When did you first wear a watch?

RDM: "I wore my grandfather’s watches at a young age, as I was fascinated by the larger masculine dials.  In those days girls were always gifted watches with miniscule round dials, but I used to wear my granddad’s big Piaget and fiercely disagreed with everyone about its unsuitability for girls. To my great delight, larger men’s style watches are now very popular and on trend."

HBA: Why did you start collecting watches?

RDM: "I don’t actually really see myself as a watch collector. I love watches and yet most of the time I tend to wear the same one.  I guess you could say that my excitement lies in the purchasing process, which is where you discover a new watch and learn all about its uniqueness."


The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Automatic Skeleton timepiece

HBA: What do you look for in a watch?

RDM: "Overall, my taste in watches tends to be quite conservative.  I like understated, timeless pieces, which will not lose their cachet over time and can therefore become legacy pieces.  Of course, I am not immune to fashion trends and am guilty of making such purchases (to my husband’s great disapproval!).

Yet watches that show their inner intricacies completely spellbind me.  Just like the engine of a sports car, the excitement of a watch is found in the detail of its movement."

HBA: What other timepieces are in your 'watch wardrobe'?

RDM: "I still often wear men’s style watches like my Panerai Luminor, and own ladies timepieces as well, such as the Bulgari Quadrato, Chopard Happy Diamonds and Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.

However, I am a creature of habit. I usually stick with a few watches until they disappear back in the safe, which is when I discover a renewed love for the ones that have since been hiding in there."

HBA: Why is wearing a watch important to you?

RDM: "Like any piece of jewellery, watches also carry sentimental value, stories and memories.  I feel one does not collect merely to own, but each timepiece marks an era in your life.  Some of my watches are decades old. My Hublot, for instance, is now vintage and represents my time in Indonesia – my first time in a disco, hanging out with my Indonesian friends, and the innocence of youth. 

The watch with the highest sentimental value is a Rolex with HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s crest on the dial.  This was a gift to my husband’s grandfather by His Highness and given to me on our fifth wedding anniversary.  It is a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust and means the world to me."


HBA: What’s next on your ‘watch wish list’?

RDM: "The Piaget Magic Hour, with its rose gold and diamond dial, catches my attention every time I pass the store.  The beauty of the timepiece is found in the simplicity of its design, which allows for the dial to be moved in three different ways. 

As soon as I heard that a young 26-year-old intern at Piaget was the originator and creator of this innovative design, I was convinced."

Photographer: Ethan Mann

Hair & Make Up: Blowout & Go

Venue: La Ville Hotel & Suites CITY WALK, Dubai


MY WATCH, Roger Dubuis, Luxury Watches, The Dubai Mall, Accessories, Collectors, Watches & Jewellery
Ethan Mann
Roos Dhunjibhoy Meyers