See Inside The First Cartier Fine Jewellery Event In Kuwait

BY Sophie Stevens / Nov 1 2017 / 19:28 PM

Last week the jewellery Maison hosted the inaugural desert-themed showcase of its Cactus de Cartier collection

See Inside The First Cartier Fine Jewellery Event In Kuwait
Courtesy Cartier
The unique Cactus de Cartier necklace showcased at the event

The magnificent greenery of Kuwait’s Al Saheed Park was the ideal backdrop for the event, where the Cactus jewels were displayed in an installation designed to evoke a sense of the desert.

Cactus-de-Cartier-desert-themed-Kuwait-eventGuests experienced the jewels in both day and night desert settings

Guests could see the jewels in both day and night time settings whilst exploring how Cartier creates each of these pieces, from the sketch and gemstone selection through to the craftsmanship that underpins each end creation.

First launched in 2016, the Cactus de Cartier collection veers away from the Maison’s traditional theme of delicate flowers, with their prickly designs set with emeralds, chrysoprase and carnelian alongside diamond dewdrops.

Cactus-de-Cartier-Kuwait-eventThe event took place in Kuwait's Al Saheed Park

Unique pieces from the collection have also been released, including a necklace displayed at the Kuwait event composed of textured gold blooms with emerald, spinel and diamond accents.

Cactus-de-Cartier-event-harpist-KuwaitCourtesy Cartier

Guillaume Alix, Cartier's Regional Managing Director for the Middle East, welcomed guests to the event alongside Ali Morad Behbehani, President of Behbehani Group.

Speaking about the collection, Guillaume described Cactus de Cartier as "powerful, sculptural pieces inspired by the primal beauty of the desert”, with Ali Morad Behbehani adding, “I couldn’t be happier to see the collection being presented this wonderfully at Al Shaheed Park and enjoyed by so many members of society in Kuwait.” 

Cactus-de-Cartier-desert-themed-Kuwait-eventCactus de Cartier jewels displayed at the desert-themed event

Initially open to VIP guests, press and key opinion leaders, members of the public could also attend the showcase on 26th and 27th October.