See Life In Colour With Piaget’s Summer Jewels

BY Sophie Stevens / Jun 20 2018 / 17:45 PM

The Maison is bringing together their beloved shades of blue, turquoise, green and red for their favourite bejewelled summer selections

See Life In Colour With Piaget’s Summer Jewels
Courtesy Piaget

Ever since Piaget launched the first hard stone watch dials in 1963 they have held a strong affection for colour, which began in this newfound ability to tell the time on materials such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, coral and malachite. These eye-catching stones remain firm favourites of the Maison today, and they return to such shades for 2018’s most coveted summer jewels.


Extremely Piaget "Sunlight" ring in turquoise with a central tanzanite, Piaget High Jewellery

Blue is Piaget’s affirmative way of saying “the sky’s the limit” and features in different forms throughout the collections in stones including opal, Hawk’s eye, sapphire and sodalite. It is also the colour associated with protection, with ancient civilisations attributing the ability to ward off bad luck to the gold speckled features found in royal blue lapis lazuli.


Possession pendant with lapis lazuli and diamonds, Dhs51,000 Piaget

Reminiscent of the Mediterranean sea, turquoise is the ultimate summer look, whether its the colour of the gemstone itself or that found in the clearness of aquamarine and the electric hue of Paraiba tourmaline.


Watch with turquoise and diamonds, Dhs62,500, Piaget

Meanwhile green goes back to the roots of the Maison itself, with the Piaget family hailing from the rural village of La Côte-aux-Fées in the Neuchatel Jura region in Switzerland. Firing the imagination of Piaget, the verdant landscapes of this area lie behind the emeralds, malachite and jasper gems set in many jewels.


Possession bangle with malachite and diamonds, Dhs48,300, Piaget

Finally, there is no better colour than red to symbolise the rising temperatures of the summer heat. Set a dramatic tone with the vibrant reds of coral, rubies, spinel and carnelian and celebrate summer with Piaget’s explosion of colour.


High Jewellery watch in rubies and diamonds, Piaget