The Ruby: Gemfields Celebrates July’s Birthstone

BY Sophie Stevens / Jul 9 2017 / 12:47 PM

The latest birthday gift ideas with this highly prized gem

The Ruby: Gemfields Celebrates July’s Birthstone
Courtesy Gemfields
Fabergé Egg pendant with rubies and diamonds
The Ruby: Gemfields Celebrates July’s Birthstone
Courtesy Gemfields
Ruby hoop earrings by Pomellato
The Ruby: Gemfields Celebrates July’s Birthstone
Courtesy Gemfields
Ruby chain link bracelet by Pomellato

Symbolic of the passion and energy associated with the colour red, rubies have been celebrated for their beauty and rarity throughout history. Today, ruby continues to be one of the world’s most highly desired gemstones, with particularly fine specimens commanding the highest price-per-carat for any coloured gem at auction.

Ruby and diamond ring by Gemfields

Sutra ring featuring Gemfields' Mozambican rubies

Gemfields is the world’s leading supplier of responsibly sourced gemstones, which includes Mozambican rubies from Montupuez.  These gems are over 500 million years old and are often compared to the “Pigeon Blood” red variety of the legendary Burmese rubies.

Ruby and diamond earrings by Gemfields

The Gem Palace earrings featuring Gemfields' Mozambican rubies

To celebrate the uniqueness of these stones, jewellers have designed collections featuring these stunning rubies from Gemfields. Classic examples include a pair of ruby earring drops by The Gem Palace, whilst a blackened gold ring from Sutra is set with rose-cut rubies within a diamond mount.

Ruby and diamond ring by Fred Leighton

A bombé ruby dress ring with diamonds by Fred Leighton

Other examples of Gemfields' collaborations with selected international jewellery houses include the Italian jewellers Pomellato and New York-based Fred Leighton. The latter draw on the gem’s romantic connotations with a heart-shaped pendant, as well as a uniquely designed bombé ruby dress ring mixed with small diamond accents.

Heart shaped ruby pendant by Fred Leighton

A heart-shaped ruby pendant by Fred Leighton

Gemfields also owns the historical renowned jewellery house of Fabergé, which has embraced the use of coloured gems in its latest designs.  Inspired by its famed Imperial Easter Eggs created for the Russian Royal family until 1917, Fabergé’s jewels include their egg charms that are available in a host of ruby-set options.

Faberge egg charm bracelet

Fabergé's historically-inspired bracelet set with egg charms

With plenty of contemporary ruby jewellery choices for those celebrating birthdays in July, the gem continues to enjoy its popular reputation.