You Can Only Buy This Chanel Watch In Dubai

BY Sophie Stevens / Oct 30 2018 / 21:02 PM

Chanel has exclusively pre-launched a version of their CODE COCO watch for the re-opening of the Dubai Mall Fine Jewellery boutique

You Can Only Buy This Chanel Watch In Dubai

To celebrate this month’s re-opening of their The Dubai Mall Fine Jewellery boutique, Chanel has exclusively pre-launched a new version of the CODE COCO timepiece that will only be available in Dubai for the next year, before its launch in other international stores.

Chanel Code Coco Full Diamond Dial Dubai

CODE COCO timepiece in black ceramic with full paved diamond dial, Dhs 64,500, Chanel

This version of the CODE COCO comes in black ceramic featuring a full paved diamond dial for the first time. It sticks to the signature design of the collection, which imbibes the iconic 2.55 bag – originally created by Mademoiselle Chanel in February 1955 – with its trademark dial clasp that can conceal or unveil the time, as well as its quilted bracelet.

Chanel’s CODE COCO is exclusively available in the Dubai Mall boutique for the next year with a price tag of Dhs 64,500. The reopened Fine Jewellery boutique is located in the Fashion Avenue.