The Founders of Zyne Discuss The Importance Of Preserving Their Moroccan Heritage Within Their Designs

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jul 22 2020 / 09:00 AM

Up-and-coming regional designers Laura Pujol and Zineb Britel share the story behind their quest to support local culture and craftsmanship through fashionable footwear

The Founders of Zyne Discuss The Importance Of Preserving Their Moroccan Heritage Within Their Designs

Inspired by the glistening souks of Casablanca and the unique technique involved in creating ancestral “babouche” mule shoes, best friends Laura Pujol and Zineb Britel founded Zyne with the mission of combining local craftsmanship with European quality. Bazaar spent some time chatting with the two designers...

Harper's Bazaar Arabia (HBA): Could you tell us how you started out?

We started with the desire to create something meaningful and to empower our country.We were both working for big houses in Paris at the time; Zineb was an assistant shoe designer at Dior and I was working in the marketing department at Christian Louboutin, but we both felt ready to make the move back to our country and embark on our mission.

HBA: What is your  first fashion memory?

Our  first-ever memory would be watching the ladies of my family getting dressed for a celebration in these amazing caftans made from embroidered fabrics.

HBA: How has your heritage and culture impacted your approach, aesthetic and message? 

Our goal is to preserve and promote our Moroccan heritage by encouraging more women to learn traditional Moroccan embroidery techniques, so that it can be passed on to the next generation and other generations to come.

HBA: What do we need in the region to be able to grow the fashion industry in a meaningful and robust way?

Being an Arab designer makes things challenging because, in our region, shipping and logistics costs are high. Obtaining resources and sourcing materials can be complicated–and if a material is sourced, a major challenge lies in being able to re-source the same exact material from the same supplier in the future.

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