Gigi and Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Halima and Other Celebs Speak Out Against Racism

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jun 1 2020 / 08:45 AM

A-Listers around the world are taking to social media and calling for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Gigi and Bella Hadid, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Halima and Other Celebs Speak Out Against Racism

Celebrities around the world are urging their followers to take a stance against racism aftet the untimely death of George Floyd, which occurred on May 25 while he was in police custody.

Known as a ‘friendly giant’ to his relatives, George was pleading for his life when police officer Derek Chauvin proceeded to pin him to the ground, cuff his hands behind his back and forcefully put his knee and full body weight on his neck.

The incident has sparked backlash through the United States, with many high-profile individuals such as Barack Obama, Victoria Beckham and Beyoncé all encouraging people from all over the world to not ignore racism, get involved and show support, in honour of George.

Many celebrities were quick to share messages of sadness, anger and frustration but the overarching message within their posts was clear: we mustn’t stay silent or ignore racism in any form.

Bazaar shares a few of their social media posts here.

Gigi Hadid

"This happens way too often - and the videos that go viral are not isolated events," the supermodel wrote in the caption. She called on her followers to continue to demand justice for racial crimes and encouraged her fans to sign petitions, speak out and fight discrimination.

Oprah Winfrey

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I’ve been trying to process what can be said or heard in this moment. I haven’t been able to get the image of the knee on his neck out of my head. It’s there every morning when I rise and when I go through the ordinary duties of the day. While pouring coffee, lacing my shoes, and taking a breath, I think: He doesn’t get to do this. And now the video from the other angle of two other officers pinning him down. My heart sinks even deeper. His family and friends say he was a gentle giant. His death has now shown us he had a giant soul. If the largeness of a soul is determined by its sphere of influence, George Floyd is a Mighty soul. #GeorgeFloyd: We speak your name. But this time we will not let your name be just a hashtag. Your spirit is lifted by the cries of all of us who call for justice in your name!

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The beloved talk show host posted a heartbroken tribute to George and how "his death has now shown us he had a giant soul. If the largeness of a soul is determined by its sphere of influence, George Floyd is a Mighty soul." She emphasized his name and story will not just be a hashtag, but rather a call to change.

Bella Hadid

Bella is not one to shy away from sensitive topics. She openly displayed her anger and frustration and urged her followers to use their power to ensure the police officers are arrested as well as donate to George's Memorial Fund. 

Huda Kattan

The beauty guru took to her private Instagram to inform others about the importance of raising awareness and being proactive when it comes to putting a stop to racism.

Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo reposted a powerful musical tribute to George: a 12 year old gospel artist's words of freedom, paired with music by renowned producer Dem Jointz.

Salma Hayek

The Mexican-American actress posted a moving interview of a young boy speaking of the violence commonly instigated by the police in the States.

Mona Kattan

Mona stated her concerns about how we're going back in time instead of moving forward. 

Naomi Campbell

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A True leader

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The supermodel posted several images and captions on her Instagram one of them being a quote by Nelson Mandela about how "no one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin."

Ariana Grande


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again, i ask my followers to please keep signing these petitions, making donations if u are able to, continue having conversations w family and friends about racism (overt and covert) and the senseless acts of murder that happen in this country far too often, please keep reading up, following accounts on here (i will recommend some!) to keep u updated and learning and sharing links and resources.. our black friends need us to show up and to be better and to be vocal. now more than ever. online. offline even more so. this is more than a post. we have to show up. there is work that needs to be done and it is absolutely on us to do it. #blacklivesmatter here are some accounts i’ve followed that have helped me understand more about my privilege and how to use it to help others. @privtoprog @rachel.cargle @thegreatunlearn @blklivesmatter please feel free to recommend some more as well in my comments.

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The pop star posted a chilling image of the names of other African-American's killed without reason. She wrote in the caption the importance of being educated on the matter and the importance of contantly learning and sharing the information.

Emily Ratajkowski

Similar to Ariana Grande, Emily urged her followers to learn about the history of racism and find ways to help the cause.

Dua Lipa

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RIP George Floyd How many more lives do we have to lose? Surely this has to be the tipping point when we ALL face up to the police brutality that has been captured on video for everyone to see. Surely this is when we say STOP, we will not tolerate any more generations of black Americans and people of color growing up in fear of those who should protect them. When an unarmed and handcuffed man is murdered by the police in broad daylight while begging for his life, those in authority need to know that our outrage knows no bounds. We demand justice. There are many ways to make your voice heard. Sign the petition, get on the phone, talk to your family, friends and kids. If you are a business owner, make a public statement of support to your black clients, friends and co-workers. We can be the change. We have to start the conversation in our own circles. This is sickening. It’s got to stop. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloyd #blacklivesmatter

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The British singer wrote a heartfelt caption about how this brutality must come to an end that "those in authority need to know that our outrage knows no bounds. We demand justice."

Shanina Shaik

The model posted a simple yet important message on how everyone regardless of skin colour must be treated equally and fairly.


Harper's Bazaar Arabia's February cover star described her disgust and disappointment while encouraging people to be a voice for change and demand justice.


In a rare video appearance on her Instagram, Beyoncé spoke of how people must not turn a blind eye to the situation and must not "normalise this pain."

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