Dubai Hotel Beaches Could Be Reopening… As Soon As Today

BY Laura Kell / May 12 2020 / 17:42 PM

After weeks of closing down to practice social distancing, restrictions have been eased in the UAE for hotel and private beaches

Dubai Hotel Beaches Could Be Reopening… As Soon As Today

Dubai residents might be able to soak up the sun and stock up on a bit of “Vitamin Sea” before the sweltering summer months hit

According to Arabian Business a source familiar with the matter has revealed that Dubai hotel beaches are set to reopen today after weeks of being closed down. Bars, saunas and stream room facilities will remain closed, along with nightclubs and spas, according to new guidelines for hotels distributed by Dubai's government on May 12.

It is also understood that authorities are considering an increase in restaurant capacity in the near future, which has been capped at 30% since the lifting of the 24-hour lockdown in April was issued.

The reopening of Dubai hotel beaches and beach clubs comes days after Meraas has reopened their commercial operations for visitors. Strict social distancing guidelines and measures are being followed by all Meraas visitors and staff, and we assume the similar regulations will be in place for all hotel and private beaches, if they are to reopen in the near future.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/Nikkibeachdubai

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