New Rules For Working Out in Dubai: What You Need To Know Before Hitting The Gym

BY Laura Kell / May 27 2020 / 10:03 AM

While we’re all excited to hit up a spin class or yoga studio again in the near future here’s a list of guidelines we can expect to see enforced when working up a sweat...

New Rules For Working Out in Dubai: What You Need To Know Before Hitting The Gym

“When will gyms open again in Dubai?”

It’s a question many of us have been asking since Dubai started easing COVID-19 related restrictions a few weeks ago. With the gradual reopening of shopping malls and restaurants, many of us who were going stir-crazy at home started to anticipate the reopening of our favourite fitness studios and gyms.

The good news finally arrived this past long weekend as Dubai announced the opening of gyms, cinemas and other businesses. Starting today, fitness fanatics throughout the city will be able to working out again at gyms and fitness studios in Dubai, however, both individuals and facility staff will need to follow a set list of guidelines in order to keep everyone safe when working up a sweat.

According to The National the Dubai Sports Council have issued a set list of guidelines for the all individuals and business wishing to engage in “sports-related” activities. Here is everything you need to know about gyms and fitness studios reopening again in Dubai.

Your Temperature Will Be Checked Upon Arrival

Temperature checks have become the new norm.

When guests, staff, trainers or class instructors arrive at a gym or fitness studio, they will need to have their temperature checked before entering the facilities. Got a temperature over 37.5 degrees? You won’t be allowed inside.

Gyms will also be forbidden to allow anyone in who is coughing, sneezing or visibly ill.

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A NEW DAY, A NEW DAWN, A NEW NORM. Fresh energy and new opportunities as we welcome you back. We’ve missed you and we’re excited to see you all. The Marina studio will open first on Monday 1 June but with a reduced schedule and much smaller class capacities. As a consequence, we would like to give you the option to reactivate your membership or alternatively keep it frozen and simply purchase our 5 or 10 pack series to get you going straight away. For those of you still enjoying our online classes, we’ve decided to keep those running so you can still get your Platform fix from home. DIFC opens next, in phase 2. These dates will be communicated with you soon but for now, keep sweating with us online. #thejoyofexercise #mixitup #weareback

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Yes, You Will Still Need To Wear A Mask Inside A Gym in Dubai

For light to moderate exercise, the mask will need to cover both your nose and mouth. For “strenuous physical exercise” it may be lowered.

There will be a 50% Capacity Cap at All Gyms and Fitness Studios, and Gathering in Any Common Areas Is Forbidden

The upside to this rule is the time spent waiting for your favourite cardio machine will, most likely, significantly decrease. This also applies to fitness instructors and gym staff.

Separators or Partitions May Be Installed Between Sports Equipment

According to Esquire Middle East, we might have more privacy than ever before when working out at a gym in Dubai. Expect to see some kind of barrier in between machines or equipment when getting your sweat on in the coming weeks. 

All Gyms and Fitness Studios Must Have A Sanitisation Programme In Place

This means the regular, thoroughly cleaning of all equipment and sanitization of bathrooms after every single use.

Waiting Areas, Locker Rooms, Showers, Saunas and Jacuzzis Will Be Closed

Be sure to change into your workout kit at home and don’t make plans after your sweat session. While it might be annoying (and slightly uncomfortable) to treed home in sweaty fitness wear, remember the rules have been put in place for everyone’s safety.

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