How Jacquemus Became The King Of Lockdown Marketing

BY Francesca Leach / Jun 2 2020 / 12:00 PM

If there’s anything this French fashion house has mastered – in addition to producing beautifully-tailored pieces and staging stunning shows in the middle of lavender fields – it’s the power of a good social media strategy

How Jacquemus Became The King Of Lockdown Marketing

Since the lockdown began, one designer has been dominating Instagram with their savvy social media marketing strategy: Instagram royalty Jacquemus has been doing everything right when it comes to keeping an audience engaged amidst a global quarantine.

Here at Bazaar we had visions of spending the summer in a slightly crumpled yet expertly tailored ‘La Bomba’ gown, while sitting beside a glistening pool in an exotic destination. Tanned, ruffled and gorgeous, we are all a Jacquemus girl in our dreams. But travel bans and self-isolation has cancelled most (if not all) of our holiday plans, leaving us scrolling through social media for a bit of escapism.

Jacquemus has become so much more than just another fashion brand; the shows and bags have become cult classics. Everyone wants to be associated in some manner with the French fashion label.

Founder and designer in chief Simon Porte has become as much of a celebrity in his own right as the mega stars wearing his designs. Models clamor to work with him, fans have camped outside his shows, and his SS20 collection 10th anniversary collection will go down in fashion history as the collection showcased in the middle of a lavender field.

Suggesting Jacquemus is simply lucky to have had a series of repeated viral moments does the brand a disservice. The fashion house has skyrocketed to aesthetic domination and while the brand no longer takes to the stage twice a year for shows, it commands front and centre attention all year round. Thanks in part to Simon’s ingenious social media strategy, a simple cut and paste job on Jacquemus’ marketing is impossible. Its social media success relies on the charm and imagination of Simon himself, who notes that he manages the brands Instagram account (which boasts 2.2 million followers) alone.

Recently Simon posted a series of images snapped in his South of France abode, one being a simple photo of a woman with an orange and lemon placed delicately beneath her feet, mimicking his cult shoe ‘Les Chaussures Salvador.’

Within hours fans around the wold were recreating the image with items found in their homes. Some copied directly with citrus fruits, others with tiny Moroccan tagines and even freshly cut flowers. Simon created the hashtag #JacquemusAtHome and a trend was born, all in an afternoon. He then shared these images on the Jacquemus Instagram celebrating the creativity of his customers and engaging them with the brand's core idealism. It was marketing genius, and seemingly completely serendipitous.

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By managing Jacquemus’ Instagram himself, Simon removes the barrier of ‘untouchable’ that so many designers of the past have skulked behind, and invites his customer into his world, daily.

Simon isn’t a Parisian; his demeanor and personality gives it away. He is pared-back, friendly and inquisitive. He treats his customers as if they were his friends, inviting them home with him each day to experience the world through his eyes. He himself dances between designer and influencer, using his own allure to market his brand and encourages his fans to think about his products creatively.

In turn, he acts as curator and stylist, cataloging inspiration and weaving it seamlessly into his own creative ambitions. Simon is the chief executive and the 100 per cent stakeholder of his brand. Cut him and he bleeds Jacquemus.

The success of ‘Jacquemus at Home’ is reflective in Simon’s consistent messaging across the brand’s social media. Jacquemus is meant to be worn with ease, and the designer regularly creates content showing his pieces in relaxed formats such as hastily snapped shots from his personal fittings on an iPhone. Bags strewn across the studio floor, or littered across farmhouse wooden tables next to a beaming Simon – it is always effortless and chic.

This casual and personal style has meant that for collections now being shot at home, Jacquemus is the standard set for brands across the world.

For Jacquemus there is no transition needed from high fashion to Insta-fashion; the fashion house has mastered both.

For aspiring designers who have ambitions of creating a true 21st-Century brand with high consumer engagement at the forefront, Jacquemus has set the tone.

Lead image courtesy of instagram/Jacquemus

By Frances Leach

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