Why We Just Can’t Get Enough Of The New LV Crafty Collection

BY Katinka Haugnaess / Jul 26 2020 / 10:00 AM

The collection draws inspiration from 20th century artistic movements, making us long for an era where statement pieces reigned supreme…

Why We Just Can’t Get Enough Of The New LV Crafty Collection

Craving a midsummer pick-me-up in the form of something a little more luxe, sophisticated and… nostalgic? Louis Vuitton has just released the new LV Crafty collection, and it’s giving us major throwback vibes to a time when the hair was big and shoulders were broad...

Featuring vivid hues and magnified, ultra-graphic prints – including a playful reimagination of the iconic LV Monogram Giant motif – the collection caters to every fashionista’s need, especially the ones who adore adding a touch of 1980’s nostalgia to their everyday look.

These fabulous pieces draw inspiration from two artistic movements within the second half of the 20th century: graffiti art and neo-expressionism. During the 1980s these urban, underground trends ventured into new and established creative territories, including New York museums and galleries.

The LV Crafty collection pays homage to the movements with its bold graphics and bright colours, which adorn the monogram canvas of the line’s pieces. 

The collection revisits a print chosen from the House's archives and is paired with the Monogram Giant motif in black, adding an element of drama and flair.

Available in various gorgeous colour schemes including, cream and red or the more autumnal cream and caramel, LV Crafty has made its splash on a few of the house’s most iconic pieces, including the Onthego, NéoNoé and Boite Chapeau Souple.

Shop the entire collection now at louisvuitton.com

Images Courtsey of Louis Vuitton / Benoît Peverelli 

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