Sherihan Returns To Acting After 30-Year Hiatus

BY Shanai Tanwar / Aug 30 2020 / 11:00 AM

Considered one of the finest Egyptian actresses and performers of all time, she’ll be performing again in a play about the life of ‘Coco Chanel’

Sherihan Returns To Acting After 30-Year Hiatus

In a much-awaited moment for lovers of Egyptian cinema, actress Sherihan will be making her return to acting with a new play, titled 'Coco Chanel'. The play will mark the actress's return to the stage after an absence of 30 years, which was filmed last year and will be shared at specific screenings throughout the region.

Due to treatments related to a rare type of cancer, Sherihan had retired from the acting for a prolonged period of time. Her comeback in 'Coco Chanel' will see her star in the play about the life of iconic French fashion designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s life.

Although initially filmed last year, the play will premiere this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the play's author Medhat Al-Adl, the play will be shown initially in Cairo as an ode to Sherihan's artistic history, after which it will be shown in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the next 'Riyadh season.' 

Lead image courtesy of Instagram/sherihanofficial.