Netflix is Bringing Arabic Theatre Straight To Your Home

BY Sarah Joseph / May 19 2020 / 10:00 AM

The video-streaming platform will be rolling out a series of nostalgic Arabic plays just in time for the Eid al-Fitr holiday

Netflix is Bringing Arabic Theatre Straight To Your Home

Spending time with family during Eid has always been an important part of celebrating the holiday, and what better way to bond with your loved ones than watching a few episodes of a series on Netflix together or, perhaps, something with a bit more cultural substance?

For those of us who are fans of Arabic theatre, we have excellent news for you. The video-streaming platform is rolling out a series of Arabic plays within a new section, appropriately titled “Arabic Nostalgia,” which will include comedies such as El Eyal Kebret, Al Motzawgoon, Bye Bye London, Raya w Skeina, Morahek Fl Khamseen, Shahid Ma Shafsh Haga, Sok Ala Banatak, Madraset Almoshagbien, and Elwas Sayed Elshagal.

“We feel a great amount of pride and joy in bringing these Arabic plays to the service - stories that many of our members in the region have grown up watching. We want to give people the opportunity to not only reminisce and relive their childhood but allow them to create new memories with a new generation,” Nuha AlTayeb, Nexflix's Director of Licensing for MENA and Turkey, said. 

These classic plays will be subbed in English, so the experience will feel truly authentic. The plays will be streamed around the world in 190 countries for users who access the platform via the Arabic user interface. Al Motazawgoon, Raya w Skeina, Morahek Fl Khamseen and Bye Bye London will be available to users who prefer to watch their content in English, along with other plays.

Taking the plunge into the world of Arabic cinema and content within the Middle East, is yet another step in expanding Netflix's licensed Arabic content and making it available globally to viewers all over the world. Nuha AlTayeb said "These plays offer a glimpse into Arab entertainment and culture that’s authentic and relatable while introducing younger generations to the Golden Age of Arabic cinema and theatre, and we hope will enhance our collection of family-friendly content, appealing not just to its culture of origin, but to kids and families everywhere." adding "Our content strategy is simple - we believe that great stories come from everywhere and authentic, local storytelling is what sets us apart."

Being a meaningful part of the cultural fabric of the region and adding these plays to the streaming service is just another step in that process, as viewers can take a trip down the memory lane and enjoy these uninterrupted plays in high quality creating an unforgettable experience that can be shared with families across the globe starting from May 21.

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