Yeezy Beauty: Is Kanye West Actually Launching A Beauty Line?

BY Caty Penza / Jun 16 2020 / 10:07 AM

Could he really be taking a page out of Kylie Jenner's playbook and plan on starting his own makeup brand?

Yeezy Beauty: Is Kanye West Actually Launching A Beauty Line?

Just like all the members of the ‘Kar-Jenner’ clan, Kanye West always seems to be on the hunt when it comes to his next business venture.

According to TMZ the American fashion mogul and rapper has filed a trademark for 'Yeezy Beauty', leaving fans to speculate whether he has future plans to launch a beauty line.

Should Kanye go ahead and branch out into the cosmetics industry, ‘Yeezy Beauty’ could potentially include anything from makeup and perfume to nail polish and shaving products.

It’s unclear if he plans to create a concoction of the most successful ‘Kar-Jenner’ products – which could mean putting his own spin on anything from Kourtney Kardashian's 'Poosh'-like aromatherapy to Kylie’s Lip Kits; fans will just have to wait and see.


This isn't Kanye's first-time trademarking cosmetics. The rapper-turned-entrepreneur filed a similar trademark back in 2017 for 'Donda Cosmetics,' named after his mother.

However, when his wife Kim Kardashian West was asked about whether Kanye was actually planning on launching a beauty and/or cosmetics line at the time, she shared her thoughts;

"I have no idea where that came from. That’s not true. He’s always talked about doing stuff like that, but I don't think that anything is in the works," she said, according to Harper’s Bazaar US.

Nonetheless, Forbes magazine recently announced that Kanye has joined the ‘Billionaires Club,’ thanks to the success of his Yeezy clothing line and shoes.

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