Why The Saint Laurent Solferino Is The Bag Of The Summer

BY Tabitha Glaysher / May 25 2020 / 17:21 PM

When the worlds of classic design and bohemian aesthetic collide, handbag magic is made

Why The Saint Laurent Solferino Is The Bag Of The Summer

We won’t patronise you by stating that at BAZAAR we really, really love bags.

While it is our job to keep one ear to the ground when it comes to the search for the next big thing in arm-candy, our love for beautifully-constructed purses stretches into something far more personal – some dictionaries would, perhaps, define it as an obsession. We know our stuff.

So when the launch announcement of the Saint Laurent Solferino Satchel landed in our inboxes we were. understandably, quite excited. Good folk of fashion meet your arm's (and your outfits') next best friend; the ultimate new ‘IT’ bag. And boy-oh-boy is it a beauty.

Saint Laurent New It Bag

Let us talk you through the logic of our love. The minimalistic over-the-shoulder accessory is crafted with the ultimate understated-chic aesthetic and a no-fuss design. It comes in either a rigid Saint Laurent box-leather style or a more bohemian-esque suede-finish. Embellished with the distinctive YSL emblem it is, at first glance, classic to a point of simplicity. 

So what makes it so special? Well, you see, it’s that paired-back, versatile design that makes it oh-so worthy of its timeless title. Forever bags must hold their relevance season after season, while still offering enough je ne sais quoi to make it an interest of right now, something the design team at Saint Laurent have mastered.

Through fusing classic design with a free-spirited, beatnik undertone Saint Laurent have forged a new essential accessory that will maintain its pertinence for years - not just seasons -  to come.

We’re picking up the medium size in cinnamon suede and leather… and the box leather in red opium… and the… oh, you get the picture.

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