6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for the Perfect Body

BY Harper's Bazaar Arabia / Oct 25 2017 / 22:21 PM

Celebrity trainer Niko Algieri helps you follow your way to fitness

6 Instagram Accounts to Follow for the Perfect Body

You could lose hours scrolling through the #fitness hashtag on Instagram and never reach the end. The pictures and videos are in their millions, and they range from the brilliant to the simply ridiculous. The real skill in navigating the Instagram fitness wilderness is where to pick out the quality posts that can actually make a difference to both your health and wellness.

Niko Algieri, co-founder of Equilibrium, one of London’s top personal training studios, has sifted through the best and the worst to give you the most effective trainers/influencers for each body part and who to listen to when it comes to nutrition.

First up is your legs or your glutes, and this is an area that you shouldn’t overlook. Your glutes are the muscles that aid in in stabilising your hips. They create stronger lunging, squatting, running, sprinting jumping patterns that keep you away from injury. Strong glutes, along with core, also prevent lower back pain which makes for a much easier existence.


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Shona Vertue is the ‘booty’ trainer. A former gymnast, yoga teacher and creator of the Vertue Method (which utilises strength training with yoga), Shona’s perfect blend uses weights and your own body to lift, shape and strengthen your legs and glutes. And like all creators of a method, she walks the walk and talks the talk. Her movement patterns are technically perfect making your body improve faster.


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Known as the ‘Queen of Workouts’, Alexia Clark has carved out her own style of training, utilising body weight and every piece of equipment in in the gym. She attacks the body from all angles and uses different styles, from HIIT (high intensity interval training) to slower pace controlled weighted workouts, in order to carve out beautiful shapely shoulders. She has a large catalogue of upper body movements for you to scroll through depending on your mood and ability.


Yes, I’m plugging my own studio, but with good reason. Jay Brockway and I are the best TRX trainers in London, and I feel comfortable with saying that. We understand the importance of the core and how making it strong and adaptable has untold benefits. Your core is the most important part of your body in dynamic movement. It affects posture, controls the stabilisation of your lower back, assists in balance and generally makes you awesome. Look at Equilibriums range of TRX core movements and you’ll never look back. The likes of Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger and Bebe Rexha all rely on our guaranteed iron-core training.


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I was going to suggest body part training but I HAD to get these guys in somewhere. They are the best in the world for postural guidance whether it be prehab and rehab. They will give you tips on creating a strong posterior chain (the back of your body) to realign your hips, strengthen your lower and upper back and look leaner and longer.


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Former Australian pole vaulter, exercise physiologist and elite level athletics coach, Amanda Bisk uses a perfect blend of yoga, athletics, and resistance training. Check her Instagram.  There is no bulk which is a constant and unsubstantiated fear for women. She has great symmetry, she’s lean and very strong. Training chest and arms doesn’t always have to involve iron and steel.  You can use your own body outdoors and the lighter equipment in the gym.


Nutritionist extraordinaire Rhiannon Lambert is our go-to girl when we need scientific, experienced and straight-down-the-line nutrition advice. An expert in her field, she provides meal suggestions and inspiration for all body types and goals. I always find nutrition a minefield of conflicting claims and confusion but Rhi simplifies everything.