Interview: Robyn Berkley, Founder Of Live The Process

BY Sarah Garden / Jan 17 2018 / 18:14 PM

We talk wellness, yoga and building a brand

Interview: Robyn Berkley, Founder Of Live The Process

As the founder of activewear brand Live The Process, Robyn Berkley does just that. The former fashion PR manager changed pace when she started practicing yoga, and decided to create a brand with a 360 attitude to fitness.

Her chic collection of workout gear is now available at Boutique 1, so we had a quick chat with her about wellness, yoga and building a brand.

Robyn BerkleyRobyn Berkley

HB: What inspired you to launch Live The Process?
RB: I have been intrigued by nutrition and overall wellness for most of my life. I always said that if I didn’t work in the fashion business I would have worked in nutrition and healing.

Live The Process is about all that I have experienced – in my late twenties and then in my early childhood I suffered from really horrific stomach issues which worsened when I got older. I researched and tried out every angle of non-traditional medicine. I got so much knowledge and a thirst to understand as much as possible.

I felt there was a missing space for a feminine collection that celebrated the female body, and this has evolved into a lifestyle collection that can be worn at your leisure.

HB: What made you choose the name?
RB: I just finished my yoga teacher training in Bali and was sitting with my friend. We were loosely chatting about what to call this “health” brand – a content and commerce site that focused on all things healing related and a collection to reflect this lifestyle. I kept thinking of the word Vinyasa and the meaning of it. It is the process of linking breath and movement, which is really life. And life is all about process, hence the name “Live The Process.”

HB: What attracted you to yoga and how often do you practice?
RB: I wanted to move my body. I was sitting at a desk and a bit stressed and probably not breathing. So I wanted to be able to get out of my head and focus on something else that would help me feel at ease.

I go to class about two to three times a week. I do functional training once a week and I have my own home practice. Sometimes I work out more it just depends on my schedule. But I do always incorporate meditation and moving my body.

HB: Active wear is huge right now, what makes Live The Process stand out from the crowd?
RB: I would say that the aesthetic of the brand, the fabric and quality as well as the functionality. We are a brand about juxtaposition – there is an energetic confidence to the brand that offers beauty to oneself. It’s simple, but there is such a focus on fit and how it shapes the female body. In addition to our active items we have also incorporated knits into the collection as well.

HB: What’s your approach to working out?
RB: My approach is I like to do lots of different things. I try to mix it up. I grew up doing dance, gymnastics, tennis, running etc so now I do functional training pilates and yoga.

HB: For those of us looking to kickstart a healthy lifestyle in 2018, what’s your top tip?
RB: A big one for me is manifestation. I do this as a morning practice and really try and let go with whatever I can’t control. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and green juice, get eight hours of sleep, do things that make you happy, and move your body as much as possible. Hang out with people you love and that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Live The Process is now available at Boutique 1