Roksanda Ilincic: "Regardless Of Our Background Or Religion, We're All Facing The Same Issues As Women"

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Roksanda Ilincic chats with Louise Nichol at House of Bazaar
The Serbian designer stopped by #HouseOfBazaar on Day Two for a chat

Day Two at House of Bazaar was the biggest yet with Q&As with Catt Sadler and Jacey Duprie, plus Serbian designer Roksanda Ilincic and a fashion show in partnership with Etoile "La" boutique all taking place in front of an array of fashionable guests. 

Roksanda sat down with Bazaar's editor-in-chief Louise Nichol to chat about her eponymous label and the way women inspire her work. Here, we round up some of our favourite moments from the highly anticipated Q&A. 

On how her designs are made for women...

I think my label has a lot to do with women. As a woman, I felt that fashion was designed by men with a certain muse in mind and I wanted to change that. I wanted to take all of the elements that we face during the day with our busy lifestyles and practicality and just blend them with excitement and fun, everything that fashion should be. It’s about feminine shapes that are very strong; it’s about evening dresses worn in a casual way, and using exciting and unexpected fabrics. It’s everything we as women need that will make us comfortable and more powerful.

On the magic of fashion...

I think that moment when a woman falls in love with a piece of clothing is when you put something on that you don’t necessarily need but you feel like you must have it, you must own it. And I think that’s magic. That moment of falling in love, you can’t explain or bottle it up – that’s the magic of fashion.

On uniting as women...

Regardless off which continent we come from, or background or religion, we are all facing the same issues as women – we are mothers, we are working, we are fighting certain things. Female unity is very important to me. Supporting women is very important to me personally and also to my brand.

On celebrating the female form...

My brand celebrates imperfections - you don’t have to have a perfect body to wear my designs. I always try to offer my women options – if they want to hide something, I have a piece for that, and if you want to show something off, there’s something for that too.

On how her approach to work changed after the birth of her daughter...

My approach changed quite drastically. The real results happened after I had my daughter. I became more relaxed, but also more focused because I had limited time because I wanted to go home and spend time with her. I’ve been observing my trajectory and I really started to do well after my daughter. There’s an extra energy which is quite interesting.

On how her designs are ageless...

I have mothers and daughters coming [into my store] and buying the same thing. I think women are gaining freedom and expression in clothing which is very important.

On dressing for the season ahead...

Don’t follow fashion trends – follow your instincts and your personality!

Watch the full discussion below, and be sure to join us at House of Bazaar this weekend!

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House of Bazaar 2017, Mall of the Emirates, Roksanda Ilincic, World of Fashion 2017
Roksanda Ilincic chats with Louise Nichol at House of Bazaar