23 Questions With Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio, House of Bazaar, Mall of the Emirates, House of Bazaar 2018
The supermodel joins Bazaar’s editor-in-chief on stage at House of Bazaar in Mall of the Emirates to answer 23 quick fire questions about fashion, beauty, being a mum, and life on and off the runway

Harper's Bazaar Arabia: What have you been doing in Dubai?
Alessandra Ambrosio: I’ve been shopping at Mall of the Emirates, seeing some friends, going to amazing restaurants, swimming in the sea and working out.

HBA: When was the last time you cried?
AA: Watching Model’s Game on the plane.

HBA: Pizza or pasta?

HBA: The last photo you took is of…?
AA: Ski Dubai.

HBA: Who would play you in a movie?
AA: Probably the person who knows me best: my daughter. And she looks like me!

HBA: Best catwalk show you’ve ever walked in…
AA: The Victoria’s Secret show that I wore that Fantasy Bra in – I can’t remember exactly which because I’ve walked in 17 Victoria's Secret shows.

HBA: The last person that called you?
AA: My friend from Brazil. He calls me every day after I drop my kids at school.

HBA: Instant confidence boost?
AA: Looking at everything I have – my family, my kids, my job, my life.

HBA: Advice you’d give your 18-year-old self?
AA: Do what you believe in and have no regrets. Life is a gift and it’s about enjoying it and fighting for things you want.

HBA: Most uplifting fashion moment?
AA: When I take time to go shopping with my mother and my sister.

HBA: Highlight or contour?
AA: Neither – I prefer blush.

HBA: Hopes and dreams for your kids?
AA: To be happy.

HBA: Do you have ‘screen time’ for your kids?
AA: I try but it’s hard. Sometimes I’m busy with work and it’s hard to stop them, but when we eat I make them put down their iPhones or iPads or we'll go to the beach and leave all of our technology at home.

HBA: What did you eat for breakfast today?
AA: Coffee, orange juice, some slices of avocado, two poached eggs, turkey bacon and little muffin with some honey.

HBA: Signature dance move?
AA: I'm a bit of a rocker girl so I just throw my hands everywhere.

HBA: Cardio or weights?
AA: A combination of both, but I’d rather do fun workouts.

HBA: What was the subject you were best at school?
AA: Like my daughter says, recess! Just kidding, probably art or maths.

HBA: Who should rule the world?
AA: Girls.

HBA: A song you know all the lyrics to?
AA: The first song I ever learned in English was when I was 16. I was obsessed with a song from the movie La Bamba.

HBA: Alessandra in three words…
AA: I have a hashtag on my Instagram that says #ForeverOnVacation – that’s me in three words.

HBA: The mall or online shopping?
AA: I look online and then go to the mall and try. I have to see and touch and try the clothes before I buy.

HBA: What do you wear on the school run?
AA: Something comfy like sweatpants.

HBA: Selfie or professionally-taken photo?
AA: That’s hard because I’m a model so I like professional pictures, but selfies are fun and spontaneous so you can always capture the moment.

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Alessandra Ambrosio, House of Bazaar, Mall of the Emirates, House of Bazaar 2018