A Conversation With Club House Italia CEO Alberto Vignatelli

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Aug 6 2017 / 20:47 PM

The founder of Luxury Living Group, a luxury furniture and homeware company that produces, distributes and develops furniture from some of the world’s most celebrated brands, speaks to us about the essence behind the Made in Italy mark and his thoughts on the Fendi Casa collection

A Conversation With Club House Italia CEO Alberto Vignatelli
Paul Mathieu contour low cabinet and armchair
A Conversation With Club House Italia CEO Alberto Vignatelli
Heritage Collection Tuscany armchair and Voyage mirror
A Conversation With Club House Italia CEO Alberto Vignatelli
Fendi Casa at Salone Del Mobile 2017
A Conversation With Club House Italia CEO Alberto Vignatelli
Paul Mathieu Contour table, chairs, tall cabinets and Reflet lamp at Salone del Mobile 2017

One of the largest in the furniture industry, Luxury Living Group’s brand portfolio includes Fendi Casa, Trussardi Casa, and Bentley Home, a furniture and homeware design inspired by the craftsmanship and materials that characterise the interiors of Bentley cars. Such brands are complemented by the group’s Heritage Collection and by the Signature Collection designed by Paul Mathieu. Additionally, on the occasion of the 2016 Salone del Mobile, Luxury Living Group unveiled Ritz Paris Home Collection and Bugatti Home, and this year, in 2017, the group unveiled the SmartLine Collection.

The idea behind the Made in Italy mark has always held prestige within the luxury industry. Craftsmanship and heritage come together to create works of lasting quality and beauty in such pieces. In the following, Vignatelli sits down with us to explain the constant lure of the Italian luxury brand and how vital it is to maintain its tradition in an ever-expanding market.

Alberto Vignatelli, CEO Luxury Living Group

Harper's Bazaar Interiors: What is it about the Made in Italy categorization that continues be a powerful lure for customers in the present market?

Alberto Vignatelli: Our aim is to show through each collection the real meaning of Made in Italy: a great respect for the materials, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation and the strong certainty that luxury is the combination of beauty, comfort and exclusivity. It is not only about offering high quality products, but about the authenticity, transparency and willingness to a loyal community of clients and partners built up over the past 40 years all over the world. Real luxury is much more than just a logo: it is a feeling, and a way of living.

HBI: Your brand portfolio develops, produces and distributes furniture collections for some of the world’s most celebrated brands. How do you ensure the continuity of brand identity with the needs of the current market?

AV: All our brands have strong heritage in several fields, especially the fashion and the automotive industries. So we take great inspiration from this important path to re-edit our furniture in a contemporary mood with all the features of the Made in Italy mark. Each brand has a story to tell and we want to preserve this story for the next generations by a portfolio of interior decoration proposals that can become in the future a trend for further inspirations.

Fendi Casa at Salone del Mobile 2017

HBI: One of the labels in your portfolio is Fendi Casa. What does the collection mean to you?

AV: The Fendi Casa collection was founded in 1987 with the vocation to decorate rooms in the same manner as the attire that FENDI dressed a generation of women with clothes and accessories. Today Fendi Casa offers a glamorous and cosmopolitan lifestyle, with a collection that ranges from contemporary to modern to classic. Each furnishing is the result of extensive research and constant, meticulous craftsmanship and fine workmanship. It offers a complete collection featuring collaborations with renowned international designers and details that reflect the expressive codes of FENDI.

HBI: What are your thoughts on the label’s latest launch: Toan’s Six Shades of Palmer? How does it differ from other recent launches at Fendi? How does it effectively marry the aesthetics of the house of Fendi with contemporary design know-how and décor?

AV: On the occasion of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Fendi Casa presented a new exclusive Made-To-Order version of the Palmer sofa designed by Toan Nguyen, named Six Shades of Palmer that stands out for its surprising dégradé effect that gives it a unique personality. It is a sofa with a strong charisma, embodying the perfect synthesis of the FENDI woman’s Dualism. In line with the avant-garde mood of the Fendi Casa Contemporary Collection, in which design and fashion blend in a harmonious play, Six Shades of Palmer is designed to elegantly furnish the living area of a contemporary yet sophisticated residence, surrounded by an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Bentley Home President writing desk, Elle conference chair and Canterbury armchair

HBI: What does the design industry – particularly referring to FENDI – need to do in order to offer constant innovation, beauty and craftsmanship?

AV: The connection between the fashion world and the world of design and architecture is more closely related than ever before. Considering visual culture in the elements of materiality, and concepts of form, shape and space, it makes sense that there is an increased interest in the world of fashion by interior designers (and vice versa). Furthermore, the development and use of products for both fashion and design continues to provide inspiration, and stirs an interest in materials, colors and their components. For instance, Fendi geometric shapes, patterns and colors shown during the catwalks inspired the stylistic elements for the Fendi Casa Collection where furniture and accessories are defined by rigorous lines, modern proportions and a unique eye for details.

HBI: What is your own design philosophy?

AV: Since I was young I was interested in the design universe, especially when it was connected with the fashion and the automotive worlds. The base of my project is still a simple idea: to offer in one single environment a selection of furnishings and decorative objects that take all home areas into account. From this idea a range of sofas, armchairs, ottomans, beds, chests and cabinets was born, giving expression not only to a style, but more importantly, to a real philosophy.

Trussardi Casa Albora armchair, Liam two-seater sofa, Sidy coffee-side tables

For more information, visit Luxurylivinggroup.com.