A Surrealist Table: Loewe's New Limited-Edition Table Linen

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Dec 7 2017 / 23:22 PM

The Spanish luxury fashion house's creative director Jonathan Anderson speaks about the new collection that features photographer Steven Meisel's whimsical imagery

A Surrealist Table: Loewe's New Limited-Edition Table Linen
Loewe limited-edition table linen

Imagine an ethereal blue sky with tufts of white clouds upon which rest a mix of objects, ranging from a ceramic bunny to popcorn to zippers to slices of bread, even a wig. This surrealistic imagery from photographer Steven Meisel’s new work, Compositions, is the subject matter of the latest limited-edition table linen by Loewe, envisioned by its creative director Jonathan Anderson with art direction by M/M Paris.

Originally shot by Meisel for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2017 advertising campaign, the visually striking and illusionary images are quite unlike anything that could clothe your table. “We already had all these amazing images shot by Steven Meisel for the advertising campaign, and we thought it would be a great idea to use them for a beautiful project,” says Anderson, who has reimagined the brand with artisan culture at its core since he took the reins in 2013.

“Since my arrival, all I wanted was to turn Loewe into a cultural brand rather than just a fashion one.” The crisp, richly colourful set featuring is made of pure linen. Each piece presents a different image of a group of objects that range from precious to ordinary, utilitarian to decorative, and massproduced to handcrafted, all set against a dreamy cloudscape for whimsical effect. Meisel breathes life into these inanimate objects through his inimitable lens that summons every level of wonder. “I feel very lucky to have Meisel working with us,” says Anderson.

Loewe table linen

The collection includes a tablecloth, and four place mats and napkins

“When I was first approached by LVMH about taking on Loewe, I didn’t know that much about the brand, but I had these beautiful pictures taken by Meisel in mind. It was an archival Vogue Italia editorial by Meisel from 1997, starring Maggie Rizer and Amber Valletta.” Anderson shares how he has always intended on collaborating with artists from different fi elds in order to enrich the brand.

And so has been the case with his creative partnership with Meisel, who has shot every campaign for the brand since 2014. “There aren’t many people like Meisel – people who understand fashion like he does. I wanted him to help me with the re-branding,” he shares. “Before the images we used for the table cloths, he did still lifes based on Constance Spry-style flower arrangements for a Loewe calendar,” he says about Meisel’s Flowers series inspired by the late revolutionary florist, created exclusively to celebrate the brand’s 170th anniversary.

This isn’t the first time that Loewe has shown its penchant for design. The brand has been embracing craft more than ever, especially after having taken part in the international design fair Salone del Mobile for a third time this year, with its striking furniture, ceramics and textiles collection Loewe: This is Home. “I’m totally obsessed with craft. It’s something really overlooked,” Anderson says.

“I want to put art pieces in the stores and participate in Salone del Mobile with a specific collection each year.” Through Loewe’s creations, Anderson aims to reflect the intrinsic relationship between fashion and culture. “I believe fashion is always a reference to culture. It’s important to push fashion forward. Only by doing so can people start to connect with a brand and be eager to possess the products that stand for the spirit of the times, which is the signifi cance of fashion.”

The limited-edition table linen is available at Loewe.com and select Loewe stores. Price upon request.