Dubai-Based Nakkash Gallery Maintains 'Tawazun' At Downtown Editions

BY Ayesha Shaikh / Nov 16 2018 / 16:43 PM

Father-son duo Wajih and Omar Nakkash craft the bespoke and limited-edition ‘Tawazun’ (Balance) collection and a ‘Liberty’ window for the inaugural section of this year's Downtown Design

Dubai-Based Nakkash Gallery Maintains 'Tawazun' At Downtown Editions
Wajih and Omar Nakkash

What makes a design earn its keep? Other than having fine artisanship and functionality, it should be a conversation piece. That’s the aesthetic allure of Dubai-based interior and furniture design studio Nakkash Gallery’s latest collection that will be showcased at this year’s Downtown Design as part of Downtown Editions during Dubai Design Week. This is a new curated section dedicated to bespoke, limited-edition design, capsule collections, individual studios and designer collaborations, with a focus on local and regional creatives.

Behind Nakkash Gallery is the father-son duo Wajih and Omar Nakkash, who have impeccably crafted a collection titled ‘Tawazun’ that includes a sleek console, two coffee tables and the ‘Liberty’ window, a conceptual piece akin to a work of art. “I take great pleasure in working with Omar,” says his father, Wajih, the Beirut-born founder and director at Nakkash Gallery. “From the initial idea to execution, the process is both challenging and enjoyable. His fresh take on design and bold concepts balance my traditional outlook and professional experience,” he adds.

Nakkash Gallery

‘Liberty’ window by Nakkash

Equal parts innovative and functional, ‘Tawazun’, which means ‘balance’, elevates the humble table with a design that balances the pieces without their base being located in the centre. The tables fuse the warmth of brass and iron sheets with the coolness of marble, inspired by the Nakkashs’ idea of striking a balance between contrasting materials. “‘Tawazun’ is all about balance. The name reflects the materials used and how the warm brass and cold marble work in tandem,” says Omar, who is an interior designer at Nakkash Gallery. The console and bigger coffee table comprise a white Carrara marble base sheathed with a brass pieces also take a cue from a concept that Wajih and Omar explored through their 2017 orbital tables and the ‘Luna’ bookcase.

The ‘Liberty’ piece comprises a window frame in ombré effect that shades into a tone of blue to depict a sky, with birds carved out on its surface lending textural appeal. It’s a thoughtful meditation on the mental and emotional mindsets of people in the Middle East, a region that has been marred by socio-economic and political conflicts. Made of Delabre Brass, the window features darker hues of yellow and brown at the bottom to reflect these crises, and progresses into grey and blue tones, connoting that a bright, more liberating future lies ahead for the region. With compelling design and a theme that hits close to home, Nakkash gallery’s creations are sure to garner praise that will go beyond their aesthetic vocabulary. Let’s see what the Nakkashs dream up next.

Downtown Design runs from 13-16 November 2018 at Dubai Design District.