We're In Love With These Glam Spaces By The Haute Interiors And You'll See Why

BY Odelia Mathews / Nov 26 2019 / 12:32 PM

Chicago-based design firm The Haute Interiors transforms living experiences into haute spaces full of character and elegance

We're In Love With These Glam Spaces By The Haute Interiors And You'll See Why
The Haute Interiors
An interior view of a bathroom designed by The Haute Interiors

Young, smart and business-minded, Sarah Rahal is a woman who lives and breathes design and architecture. As the founder and designer of The Haute Interiors (T.H.I), she is a woman who has risen to the top of her game by investing her skills and using creativity and passion to guide her instinctive streak in everything that is haute and glamorous.

Her interior design office, based in Chicago, is busy turning around spectacular homes around the globe, including the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Design to us is more than just a beautiful home, it is a home that captures the mood and spirit of a client and it is trendy and functional at the same time,” she says.

A living space designed by The Haute Interiors

With a degree in architecture from the American University of Sharjah and a background in residential and hospitality design, Rahal understands how the two disciplines merge into a transformative experience. “Coming from an architecture and hospitality design background, I feel it is important to bring in the architectural elements of the building or home and use it in the interiors in a creative way. We always start every project with a theme and make sure every piece used is of significance to the design and to the client,” she tells us.

Having worked in Dubai for firms such as Tanmiyat UAE, DSA Architects International and La-Z-Boy Incorporated – all heavyweight names known for their iconic projects and developments – Rahal is not one to shy away from fusing together elements, experiences, trends and disciplines.

Most of her design work is often a mix of styles, combining simple and classical with the contemporary. “The result should always be glamorous, trendy and with character,” she explains, adding that it does not stop there. “Art, architecture, music and fashion come hand-in-hand with interior design and thus I keep a close eye on the development of these areas and always find my inspiration there”

With a brand USP that focuses on creating an interior lifestyle experience, Rahal says that most of her clients are those who don’t want something traditional. Instead they seek out T.H.I for designs that are full of character, attractive to the eye and the soul and mostly appealing to the fashion forward and trendy sets who aren’t afraid to wear their personalities loud and proud.

“They see our work and they come to us for a reason.  It is because we satisfy their need for reflecting their personalities and the lifestyle they want in their own homes,’ she says.

A bedroom designed by The Haute Interiors

For any given project, residential or commercial, Rahal translates the design brief with a deep understanding of emotional and psychological desires. “We differentiate our work by doing our best to get into a clients’ mind to understand the interior ‘feel’ they are seeking right from the start.”

Some of the projects that the company has delivered features a mélange of materials used creatively by bringing in elements from the exterior architecture to be used in the interior.  Wood and marble cladding, gold trimming, rich color combinations that are set against a muted classic palette of shades, exquisite wallpaper and sensual lighting that accentuate design features are all given special attention to achieve that signature touche de luxe.

A living space designed by The Haute Interiors

All lighting elements are either made-to-order from a local supplier or sourced according to preference from internationally renowned brands, while furniture pieces are recommended from the likes of Minotti, Roche Bobois, Eichholtz, Bernhardt and more.

“We are always on top of trends in the market and we make sure to use it only when it complements the design theme and the clients’ preferred design style,” explains Rahal. By paying attention to details which undoubtedly make the design, T.H.I goes beyond the final handover to sometimes assisting clients and exceeding expectations of delivery.

A living space designed by The Haute Interiors part of a 620 sqm villa featuring silver wallpaper, marble and gold trims

For those who prefer their projects executed under the supervision and guidance of the brand’s specific directives, T.H.I has recently announced a partnership with an interior-fit out contractor in Dubai.

This decision came about after repeated requests from clients to execute the concept design on the ground and through this structured partnership, T.H.I ensures complete delivery from concept to completion following the desired quality standards. @thehauteinteriors

From the Winter 2019 issue of Harper's Bazaar Interiors

All ImagesCourtesy of The Haute Interiors