Here’s How You Want To Experience Cape Town’s Annual Design Indaba Week

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Oct 4 2019 / 15:58 PM

Marrying luxury with adventure, ROAR AFRICA has created an immersive experience taking travellers on an unforgettable journey into the city’s multicultural heritage, design, arts and crafts scene

Here’s How You Want To Experience Cape Town’s Annual Design Indaba Week
Courtesy of ROAR AFRICA
An interior view of the Singita Sweni Lodge designed by Cape Town-based design collective Cécile & Boyd

First established in 2006, New York and Cape Town-based ROAR AFRICA specialises in “storybook” experiences that are thoughtfully created to meet personal interests.  “Thinking ahead, we consistently create new, cultivated, and unusual offerings for our international clientele, all in service of preserving the people, animals, and environment of our fragile and extraordinary land,” says Deborah Calmeyer, CEO of ROAR AFRICA.

“We are selling our home, not just another destination. I have 300 years of heritage and family traversing this land. This translates into an extremely proximate and intimate experience for our guests. The people, who ultimately make up the fabric of any trip, are my people.”

Deborah Calmeyer

Courtesy of ROAR AFRICA

Growing up in Zimbabwe, ROAR AFRICA serves as a personal mission for Calmeyer, who found the people she grew up with to be the most charming. “Oh the people, my people, the people that raised me with warmth, grace and hospitality and seemingly endless ability to wrap every guest in love and make them feel welcome,” she expresses.

For Cape Town’s upcoming annual Design Indaba Week in 2020, the company has crafted an eight-day itinerary focused on exclusive tours including to the city’s private homes, celebrated architectural sites, a tour of the famed Dylan Lewis sculpture garden followed by an intimate dinner hosted by the artist in his studio and more. “And of course, this unforgettable journey would not be complete without a safari experience at the ultra hip Singita Sweni lodge in Kruger National Park,” adds Calmeyer.

Outdoor poolside view of 
Singita Sweni Lodge designed by Cape Town-based design collective Cécile & Boyd

Courtesy of ROAR AFRICA

“Our bi-cultural team provide the most comprehensive and discerning range of storybook experiences, along with the ultimate in insider access and an extraordinary dedication to making every detail perfect. Unique in the industry, our operational activities are handled in-house, providing a seamless and uncomplicated experience from the moment you step off the plane.”

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