4 Ways To Mix And Match Interiors In Your Home Like An Interior Design Pro

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 30 2019 / 16:52 PM

Quick and easy changes you can make to beautify your home with creative flair

4 Ways To Mix And Match Interiors In Your Home Like An Interior Design Pro
Courtesy of Aura
Rose bed by Aura

Just like fashion, one of the biggest rules to break in the interior world is that you need everything to match. When tastefully selected and artfully paired by expert designers, contrasting prints and patterns break traditional design boundaries and lead to fresh, innovative living spaces.

Lavender Sofa by Aura. Courtesy of Aura

It can become easy to cling to perceived décor true-isms, but in a bid to mix it up, we sat down with the team at Dubai-based interior design house Aura who shared their top four tips on how to change it up like a pro...

1. Opposites attract
Having one colour throughout a space can appear boring. Aura recommends using contrasting shades such as black, white and gold to have the strongest impact.

Aura's Check Sofa in white, gold and black. Courtesy of Aura

2. Mixing patterns
When playing with patterns, choose up to four different prints that have a similar element to them. Pick styles within the same colour palette and use neutral shades in between. This will help the patterns blend seamlessly without creating a messy look.

3. Metal and wood
The chic combination of metal and warm wood marries modern with organic, instilling a welcoming and tranquil ambience within the home. Try pairing marble and wood with metallics for an elegant aesthetic.

Tala Table by Aura. Courtesy of Aura

4. Textural marvels
Last but not least, emphasize your furniture by juxtaposing rough textures with smooth textures to create a cosy look. Try using contrasting patterns and textures - such as velvet and satin – and start with smaller items such as cushions and rugs.

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