Kylie Jenner Just Bought A Kylie Cosmetics-Inspired Side Table for Dhs110,190

BY Amy Mackelden / Dec 16 2018 / 14:50 PM

And it's still available to shop...

Kylie Jenner Just Bought A Kylie Cosmetics-Inspired Side Table for Dhs110,190
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When it comes to elaborate, but probably necessary, purchases, the Kardashians know how to spend their cash. And thanks to an Instagram fan account, we now know exactly how much Kylie Jenner spent on a side table for her house. Clue: it's rather a lot.

Examining several video clips Kylie had shared of her festive tree and the idyllic decorations in her house, Instagram user @kyliejennersoutfit spotted the iconic Melting Brass Console Table propped up against a wall. As Cosmopolitan notes, the table is particularly special as it looks exactly like the dripping lipstick design on the logo for Kylie Cosmetics.

Clearly, the makeup mogul HAD to buy the table which so perfectly resembles her lip kit brand, but if you were hoping to snap one up too, the price tag might put you off. Because the Melting Brass Console Table, which is designed by Mán-Mán Studio, costs a whopping $30,000 (Dhs110,000 approx). And, yes, it's still available to shop:


As it was recently reported by Forbes that Kylie's makeup brand is worth a staggering $900 million (Dhs3 billion approx), the reality star probably has enough money to cover her side table purchase.

Meanwhile, most of us will probably have to make do with much cheaper, and less stylish, tables which don't resemble Kylie Cosmetics in the slightest, which is sad.

However, you can shop other lipstick-inspired products right now, if you so wish:

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