Siemens Home Appliances Lights Up Dubai's Burj Khalifa With Home Connect

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jun 24 2019 / 14:31 PM

Siemens Home Appliances is reshaping smart technology and connecting us to our homes from our fingertips

Siemens Home Appliances Lights Up Dubai's Burj Khalifa With Home Connect
Courtesy of Siemens
Burj Khalifa on 18 June

Design-oriented, premium brand Siemens Home Appliances unveiled their Home Connect technology with a grand activation that lit up the entirety of Burj Khalifa on 18 June. As part of Siemen’s knowledge-sharing platform entitled Siemens Future Talks, the launch saw industry leaders discuss technology innovation and the future of smart homes with keynote speeches at Dubai Address Hotel.

From left: 
Prasad Kulkarni, Vinoth Krishna, Dileep Thupale, Piril Kavala Altinsoy, Suman Palit and Mohamed Abdel Latif. Courtesy of Siemens

Siemens Home Connect, the highlight of the talk, takes an innovative approach to devices with the philosophy of connectedness and smart lifestyles. “We’re always looking to the future, and our Future Talks are part of our desire to define the possibilities of connectedness for tomorrow,” said Tomas Alonso Garcia-Salmones, CEO of BSH Home Appliances.

“In similar vein, we are delighted to bring Siemen’s unique Home Connect Technology to the United Arab Emirates, where a sophisticated audience is looking for intelligent solutions that fit with busy lifestyles.”

Burj Khalifa, Dubai. Courtesy of Siemens

Featured within Home Connect is a coffee maker that brews without the need to walk to the kitchen, a lamp that blinks when the laundry is done and a dishwasher that informs the user when the powder is running low.

What’s more, the smart fridge features two cameras that enable users to view the contents from any location through the Home Connect smart application.

From left: 
Juergen Griebsch, Khalid Tuer and Mark Nammour. Courtesy of Siemens

“With Home Connect, we’re emphasising the daily stories of convenience and engagement that make owning smart appliances a joy,” adds Garcia-Salmones. “Now all our home appliances will be connected and we would be able to control them from wherever we are.”

During the Siemens Future Talks event, CEO of Du Telecoms Osman Sultan discussed the future of a smart home, while Prof. Ozgur Demirtas, Founding Chairman of the Center of Excellence in Finance spoke about the vision of a shared, connected future three decades from now.

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