The World’s First Kids’ Restaurant And Concept Store Has Just Launched In Dubai

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Jul 30 2019 / 17:19 PM

And it's more than just yummy food

The World’s First Kids’ Restaurant And Concept Store Has Just Launched In Dubai
Courtesy of Natelee Cocks
An interior view of White and the Bear

After the huge success of Dubai´s first educational play space, OliOli, award-winning Interior Architecture boutique Sneha Divias Atelier has ventured out on a brand new project - with kids and parents both in mind.

White and the Bear is the innovative design firm’s latest brainchild, and it has taken a fresh approach. Featuring minimal designs with a neutral colour palette and dim lighting, the new kids’ restaurant and concept store embraces an aesthetic that promotes creativity and is effective for learning, contrary to traditionally bright and colourful kids' spaces (which are believed to overstimulate the senses). 

A workshop space at White and the Bear. Courtesy of Natelee Cocks

Upon entrance visitors will notice the seamless blend between the restaurant and concept store, and on the second floor will be embraced by a reading area and interactive workshop areas.

“This place merges three ideas I love so much - the restaurant, the concept store and the workshops. So it’s like a dream come true,” shares Hana Al Mula, Founder of White and the Bear. “The food is presented in a whimsical way so it’s appealing to kids. They won’t eat healthy food at home but when they see the way it is presented here, they will be encouraged to eat it.”

Food at White and the Bear curated by Annabel Karmel. Courtesy of Oana Minuti

Hana’s entrepreneurial spirit guided her towards creating something that had never been done before. After many frustrated attempts to find the perfect place that would please the whole family during a food outing, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

White and the Bear exceeds traditional purposes of visiting a restaurant by adopting a creative and educational element. For example, kids who order orange juice will not just be served at their tables. Instead, they are encouraged to use a manual juicer and cut the orange themselves (using a plastic knife) and pour their drink into a personalised cup.

Annabel Karmel stands with two kids at White and the Bear. Courtesy of Oana Minuti

The thoughtfully curated menu is the work of world-renowned author of kids’ recipes Annabel Karmel, comprising a range of healthy meals (such as glazed salmon with Chinese rise) and healthy ingredients such as oats and dates.

The meals are presented in a playful way to encourage healthy eating habits from a young age - for example, carrots and apples in the shape of a burger. “It’s really important for food to look appetizing,” shares Karmel. “We want to encourage children to cook really early on, so it’s not just a restaurant - we’re teaching children about healthy food and encouraging them to try new and different recipes.”

White & the Bear is located on 11 Al Athar Street, Jumeirah, Dubai 

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