The Interiors Inside Jewellery Designer Salama Khalfan's First Dubai Boutique Are Unreal

BY Rebecca Anne Proctor / Nov 13 2018 / 15:50 PM

Situated inside Dubai Marine Resort and Spa, the pristinely-curated boutique is the perfect manifestation of the company's rebrand

The Interiors Inside Jewellery Designer Salama Khalfan's First Dubai Boutique Are Unreal
Image Courtesy of Salama Khalfan

Left: Rich colours and textures define Salama Khalfan’s first boutique in Dubai; Right: Salama Khalfan

The beauty behind Salama Khalfan’s jewellery creations spans historical epochs and diverse cultures. They are rich with aesthetic discovery, avant-garde and artistic symbolism. At long last, the Dubai-based jewellery designer opens her first flagship boutique at Dubai Marine Resort and Spa in Jumeirah 1 in Dubai, endowing her majestic creations with a physical sanctuary.

Showcasing collections of fine, bespoke and individually handmade jewellery, the origins of Salama’s intricately crafted eponymous label draw from her love of horses and equestrian heritage. A rider herself, Salama’s brand takes for its muse a fearless and passionate woman who loves culture, nature and adventure. Her brand brings her avant-garde creations to life through a rich incorporation of worldly sources, stemming from fashion, design and art.

Similarly, the design of Salama’s jewellery boutique is an expression of all that she loves. From the vitrines and carpets to the tables, sofas and chairs, everything has been hand-picked and curated by Salama herself. It is an expression of all that she loves. “To me, this is the first true one-on-one connection between me and the brand’s clients where the entire customer experience is carefully designed up to guidelines that we have defined, and as per our imagination,” she says.

Salama Khalfan's Jewels

Elegant vitrines made in walnut wood and solid brass hold Salama Khalfan’s precious jewels

As soon as one enters 34-square-metre space they will notice the stunning hand-painted on gold leafing wallpaper replete with intricate floral patterns. The Chevron solid wood floor evokes that of a 20th-century Parisian apartment, igniting feelings of comfort akin to one’s home. Atop the wooden floor is a sumptuous carpet made by FMBI (Fatima Bint Mohamed Bin Zayed) in an intricate red-and-white patterning, giving a nod to Middle Eastern heritage and style. Nearby are a handsome Warren Platner armchair and elegant vitrines made in walnut wood and solid brass in a slightly off-centre rectangular shape, akin to Art Deco. The scene offers warmth, comfort, grace and luxury, just like Salama’s intricate multi-faceted jewellery collections.

“It is very important to me that our clients feel at home in our space, which is why you’ll see that it’s designed as a cosy space with some of my favourite things: beautiful fabrics, design books, flowers, candles and a fireplace.”

The boutique opening also marks the label’s rebranding from Alezan by SK to Salama Khalfan. The new name is representative of the all-encompassing diversity of themes and styles that Salama incorporates into her jewellery collections. “Our legacy is horses but now we have grown into something much bigger,” says Khalfan. “For us, our emblem will always be the horse but we are opening doors to inspiration from everywhere. We draw inspiration from architecture, historical jewellery, cultures around the world, and nature and so much more. We want to tap into the abundance of inspiration and creativity.”

The emblem that Salama will also take with her is the horse. “Yet now we are opening our doors to inspiration from everywhere,” she says. “Before the horse would transport us to the Ottoman Empire and to China, among many other places. The horse would be our way to uncover new cultures and art forms. Our rebranding signals an even greater scope to our vision and savoir-faire.” The design of the boutique is as mesmerising as Salama’s jewels. It imbues within in it her beautiful spirit and zest for life and all of its treasures.

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