Maternal Bliss

BY Lydia Bridge / May 18 2017 / 14:27 PM

A soothing pregnancy massage at the idyllic Desert Palm PER AQUUM near Dubai is the perfect tonic for weary mothers to be

Maternal Bliss
The Lime Spa at Desert Palm PER AQUUM

The Lime Spa at Desert Palm PER AQUUM promises for its pregnancy massage “A combination of specific massage techniques to relieve stress and promote relaxation for mother and baby.” It doesn’t fail to deliver. After a wonderfully luxurious night in the hotel and a day spent by the pool with a good book, I didn’t exactly enter the massage room in a particularly tense state, but there is no doubt that I left more relaxed than I had felt in a very long time.

The treatment began with a soothing salt water foot bath after which I was presented, to my surprise, with a delicious zesty lime sorbet appetiser. Then, on the massage table, I am cocooned, foetus-like, in crisp cotton sheets with only my mouth, nose and whichever part of my body is being massaged left exposed. It is dark and extremely cosy and my only difficulty throughout the treatment was trying to stay awake to enjoy it. The massage pressure is understandably soft, but still effective.

Most of the massage takes place lying on each side to protect my bump, but towards the end I was propped up on my back as the therapist massaged the front of my weary legs, then my neck and shoulder, finishing with a blissful head massage.

The treatment ends all too quickly, but gently, with warm towels placed over my feet and a refreshing light water spray misted delicately over my face. A cup of chamomile tea served with gooey dates as I recline on a capacious bed in the relaxation room goes some way to bringing me round from my comatose state.

But, happily, not too much. 

The Expectant Mum's treatment at Lime Spa at Desert Palm PER AQUUM costs Dhs800 for a 150-minute treatment. For more information, see