5 Tips To Care For Your Baby's Skin This Summer

BY Harper's BAZAAR Arabia / Jun 19 2019 / 22:10 PM

Did you know that a baby's skin has one fifth of the thickness of an adult's? Here are 5 ways parents can best take care of their little ones this summer

5 Tips To Care For Your Baby's Skin This Summer

We know that a baby's skin is soft, precious and sensitive, but exactly how sensitive? According to WaterWipes, a baby's skin has one fifth of the thickness of an adult's skin. With summer on the horizon, how to best take care of their baby's skin is a question of the utmost importance for parents. Baby products provider WaterWipes has shared their best advice so you can relax and make the most of the hot weather with your little one.

1. Use natural products 

When it comes to a baby's skin, natural products are always preferable. A good way to avoid skin irritation and rashes is choosing products with minimal or no fragrances.

2. Don’t have too many baths 

Water can actually strip the natural moisture from the skin, so contrary to common belief, babies don't actually need a bath every day. We recommend a bath three times a week to uphold good hygiene whilst preventing skin dryness. 

3. Dress them in natural and breathable fabrics

The best and most comfortable material for day-to-day wear is lightweight and organic cotton. It's also essential to let a baby's skin breathe, so some diaper-free time is definitely advisable.

4. Moisturise

Apply products to the skin regularly to keep it hydrated and healthy and prevent skin dryness in the heat.

5. Limit sun exposure 

A baby's skin hasn't had time to strengthen and toughen like that of an adult, so it's extra sensitive to the sun's UV rays. A way to protect against harmful rays is by just spending a little more time in the shade. 

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