4 Things You Need To Know About The Costumes In The New Maleficent Movie

BY Rohma Theunissen / Sep 18 2019 / 16:44 PM

Angelina Jolie’s headgear features bone, gold, emeralds and black diamonds

4 Things You Need To Know About The Costumes In The New Maleficent Movie

When you think of lead characters in Disney movies, pretty much all of them are inherently “good” without a shadow of evil within them. Except for one: Maleficent. Until recently, Sleeping Beauty’s dark sorceress make for the perfect fairy tale villain. But all that changed with Disney’s 2014 dark fantasy movie, Maleficent with Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie playing the lead role. Audiences were mesmerized with the “truth” behind Sleeping Beauty’s dark fairy and the lines between good and evil became considerably blurred. Angelina Jolie made for the most perfect Maleficient, channeling a powerful, stunning and complex character that left us wanting more.

The beautiful actress returns to the iconic role next month in Maleficent: The Evil Mistress, in a brand new fairy tale that takes place five years later from where its prequel left off – and we couldn’t be more excited! We spoke to the movie’s costume designer Ellen Mirojnick to get the scoop on the custom made costumes in the upcoming Disney flick.

Here are four things you need to know about the costumes in Maleficent: The Evil Mistress.

1) Maleficent’s headgear contains real bone and gold elements and features a crown of black diamonds and emeralds.

2) Aurora's ethereal blue proposal dress (yes, Prince Charming proposes!) features whimsical hand-tied leaves to mimic a magical fairy-made effect.

3) Queen Ingrith, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, has a total of eight different dresses in the movie in hues of champagne, cream and platinum adorned with pearls, silver and diamonds.

4) Aurora’s pale pink dress is inspired by her gown in the original 1950 movie and features the same collared neckline.