10 Top Tips For Decorating The Nursery

BY Maysa Rawi / Jan 24 2018 / 13:17 PM

Interior designer Leigh-Ann Steele reveals her secrets to creating the perfect baby's room

10 Top Tips For Decorating The Nursery
10 Top Tips For Decorating The Nursery
Butterscotch Baby

From sifting through fabric swatches to choosing the right shade of paint, decorating the nursery can be a fun yet daunting task. Here, we enlist the help of Leigh-Ann Steele, interior designer and founder of bespoke linen company Butterscotch Baby, who reveals her top ten tips on how to create the perfect environment for your newborn.

1. Use your imagination
Your nursery doesn’t need to be pink or blue! Greys in various tones are very sophisticated and blend well with any other accent colour. Equally, a nursery doesn’t need to scream baby. It can easily tie in with the rest of your home and be effortlessly transformed with new updates as your little one grows up.

2. Invest wisely
Go for furniture that converts as your child grows up, such as a 3-in-1 first crib, which transforms into a toddler bed and then into a standard single bed.

3. Get Personal
Personalisation of your linen with your baby’s name, favourite story book character or phrase, is a wonderful way to add a completely individual touch and leaves you with something to cherish forever.

BUtterscotch Baby

4. Choose a Signature Piece
Furniture doesn’t need to be wooden, acrylic cribs are beautiful and so on-trend. Kim Kardashian & Beyonce have one and it is the first 100 per cent recyclable acrylic crib.

Go for an acyrilic crib for a modern take

5. Create the Illusion of Space
Give the impression of space by keeping the colour scheme clean and simple. This doesn’t mean you can’t use a bold colour, you could do a feature wall in a strong colour or have patterned wallpaper. Just make sure to keep everything else quite similar and don’t mix too many colours together.

6. Be Smart with Storage
Wall shelving above or next to the changing table is useful for things like nappies and consumables. But make sure to place the shelves far enough away from inquisitive hands. Wall-mounted storage boxes in colours that complement the rest of the nursery theme look great and can be used for toys an books. A laundry bag can be hung on the back of the door. Consider a crib that has built-in storage drawers below, or hang an organiser from the side of the crib.

7. Maximise Wardrobe Space
Add another rail or two into a wardrobe; the length of baby clothing is very different to adults' and you could fit three times the amount into the same space. Hang clothes in order of size and age so that you can clear out easily once your little one has outgrown them.

8. Keep Drawers Organised
Drawers are always better than deep shelved wardrobes. Having different heights will help you to organise various items as you can see everything and nothing will get lost at the back. Roll items of clothing instead of folding them. You can stack them vertically so each piece can be seen easily.

9. Embrace Your Surroundings
Bold patterned feature walls are a great way to embrace where you live and display your family’s personality. How about cactuses if you’re further out with desert views of the dunes, palm trees if you live on The Palm. The sky’s the limit!

10. Avoid Clutter
Keep the floor space as clear as possible, this will make the room feel much larger. And keep the floor covering plain, nothing too busy or multi-coloured. Hang a toy hammock or toy basket from the ceiling out of the way.