#ChicEats | Al Muntaha, Burj Al Arab

BY Milli Midwood / Nov 15 2019 / 19:37 PM

BAZAAR puts the restaurant’s new menu to the test

#ChicEats | Al Muntaha, Burj Al Arab
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The beautiful Burj Al Arab - one of the world's most iconic hotels

A brand-new, mouth-watering menu full of French fare is the latest undertaking from Al Muntaha’s Chef Francky Semblat.

Al Muntaha is all the things you would imagine of a restaurant in the world’s only seven-star hotel: smart, gold, beautifully decked-out tables and an air of exclusive sophistication in the air.  

Serving up seven courses of Parisian cool, the evening kicks off with a creamy ball of burrata, before moving onto salmon tartare topped with caviar and langoustine arguably the best pea soup you’ll ever have.

Green pea and mint soup

Mains are a delectable choice of wagyu tenderloin, caramelized quail with foie gras or white cod miso.

White cod miso with peppercorn sauce

For dessert, BAZAAR indulged in a heavenly portion of strawberry meringue. Glazed banana with passion fruit ice cream is also on offer to discerning diners.

Strawberry meringue with sorbet