#ChicEats | OPA Brunch, Fairmont Dubai

BY Ayesha Sohail Shehmir Shaikh / Oct 21 2019 / 17:08 PM

You might think it’s just your usual Friday brunch, but you'd be wrong

#ChicEats | OPA Brunch, Fairmont Dubai
Courtesy of OPA Dubai
A Greek salad at OPA Dubai

If you have ever wondered what a traditional brunch in Greece entails, then you need to head over to OPA at the Fairmont Dubai. The Mediterranean-inspired eatery has officially made its festive summer brunch a monthly occurrence. The four hour-long brunch comprises plate-smashing, traditional Greek dancing including the world-renowned Kalamatianos and Zorba dances, and more.

The plate-smashing isn’t just for show, guests are actively invited to participate in the traditional Greek custom. When the dancing begins, guests are encouraged to smash their clay plates on the floor and join in on traditional Greek dancing.

The kalamatianos dance at OPA Dubai

Courtesy of OPA Dubai

The food is delicious, authentic Greek fare and brunchers can select from dips, starters, a main course, side dishes and dessert.

Must-haves include the Homemade Pie: made from leek, spinach, dill and melting feta cheese; Pastitsio: rigatoni stuffed with Wagyu beef and topped with béchamel sauce; grilled baby chicken: Marinated Baby Chicken with tzatziki, green olive powder and natural jus and for dessert, the Lemon Cheesecake in Ruins, made using white chocolate garnishes and burnt meringue ice cream is a delish choice.

The OPA brunch ensures the experience isn’t like any other you’ve had before.

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