World Photography Day: 18 Accounts You Need To Be Following

BY Stephanie Lohale / Aug 19 2019 / 17:16 PM

BAZAAR pays tribute to the world of photography with a roundup of some of the most diverse Instagram accounts you need to be following, from food and travel to beauty and fashion...

World Photography Day: 18 Accounts You Need To Be Following
Instagram/TonyKellyWorld & Sarag.Art

Many individuals have stepped behind the lens, and have started redefining photography. And with Instagram’s focus on creating a visual platform with striking images, it’s no surprise that numerous photographers use the app as a means to showcase their work. So, to celebrate World Photography Day this 19 August, we've rounded up 20 accounts you should be following for serious artsy inspo…

Emma Summerton

Starting out in 1999, Australian photographer Summerton's work revolves around the themes of fashion, love, desire and intimacy. Her eye for photography and technicality has made her work passionate and distinctive.

Tony Kelly

Known to shoot cinematic, stylish, theatrical and incredibly vivid work, Tony Kelly is also often referred to as a modern day Helmut Newton.

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton is a photographer driven by an obsessive and extensive interest in fashion. With a background in street photography, he is admired for the wit and energy depicted through his stylish snaps. 

Mariano Vivanco

Vivanco is known for shooting BAZAAR's global cover star Kim Kardashian, and pretty much every other A-list celebs you could think of. 

Cass Bird

Bird's Instagram features numerous campaigns and shoots depicting 'modern chaos'. A definite must-follow in our books.

Petra Collins

With a strong focus on pop culture and the artistry behind it, Petra's work is often wins critics for her feminist approach to photography.

Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia’s photography caught everybody’s eye for being truly unique. Her work perfectly combines a '60s and '70s sensibility with oversaturated colours, vintage props and lots of dressing up. You can totally see how she's been tapped by the likes of Miu Miu to shoot their campaigns.

Beautiful Destinations

Constantly inspiring people to travel, connect and have a positive impact on the world, this account is a culmination of the best travel accounts. Warning: major wanderlust guaranteed. 

Alessio Bolzoni

London-based photographer known for his work with numerous brands like Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Adidas Y3 and Chanel, Alessio Bolzoni works aesthetic fashion shots with contemporary angular body movements.


Instagram photographer 'Chuck' snaps all things on the move in the most millenial way possible. Known for her diverse angle and unique sense of style- she is known for photographing some Lana Del Ray's best album covers. 

Zoey Grossman

A feminist photographer driven like a force of nature to simplify feminine campaign shoots, whilst highlighting natural beauty. She's photographed numerous celebs including former BAZAAR cover star Emily Ratajkowski.

Sara G

A fine art student at UAL/Central Saint Martins and co-founder of known London-based account @muslimsisterhood, has a dedicated page for personal photography as a nod to her heritage and religion. 


Known for her artistic contribution to photography, with features that appeal to anyone with an eye for art. 

BriAnne Wills

Is a fashion, portrait & beauty photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. With work done for numerous campaigns, this instagram account as something for everyone when it comes to fashion, beauty and film.

Gia Coppola

Gia not just an accomplished filmmaker but also a talented photographer, born and raised in LA and known to combine street-style with everyday musings into the stunning portraits on her instagam account. 

Lauren Bullen

Inspiring all the wanderlust within us, Lauren's work combined with the genius presets created courtesy of her equals to the stunning photography posted on her page. 

Katie Mccurdy

Katie's work comprises of candid shots highlighting the natural beauty of her muse. A definite must-follow!

Jamie Beck

Beck's work highlights all things classic about vintage, when Manhattan based photographer took a trip to Provence and never left! Her work comprises of her and her baby through a 19th century lens. 

Lennart Pagel

International beauty highlighted through every single post on Pagel's account, from crisp fields to cobble stone streets. If any account would have you wishing you could take a trip across the globe, it's definitely this one. 

Watch above featured photographer Mariano Vivanco shoot BAZAAR's September 2017 cover