Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out With Social Videos

BY Danae Mercer / Oct 8 2019 / 13:01 PM

Pros reveal all they wish they would have known, and just how they’ve found that online video sweet spot

Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Out With Social Videos
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Video is king but starting can be hard. Here are tips from folks who have made it work.

1. Don’t let fear hold you back.

“What matters is just getting started and being consistent,” says Zoe Anderson (@zoehappyfit). “You don’t need fancy equipment or lighting. You just need to start creating and your videos will get better.”

2. Make your videos visually interesting.

“Most of the time we have our phones on silent, so as a video maker you’ve got to remember most followers will be watching, not listening,” says Alex (@supercardblondie).

3. Don’t make the same video for every platform.

“Users interact with content on each platform differently,” says Lilly Sabri (@lillysabri). Instagram is about image and people watch without sound, so subtitles are great. On YouTube, go for longer videos with audio.

4. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

“When I’m very disappointed with how a video turns out because some details aren’t right, often my audience doesn’t even notice,” says Anderson. “Focusing on these details instead of seeing the big picture shouldn’t stop me from posting.”

5. Think about adding value to every video.

“No one wants to watch a 10-minute video of me working out,” says Amy Jean Fox (@amyjeanfox). Look at creating content that teaches something.

6. Act fast.

“You have to grab someone’s attention in two seconds or they’ll move on,” says Alex.

7. Edit on your phone or your laptop.

Alex continues: “I love Videoleap for my iPhone, and iMovie is the one I use on my laptop.”