These TV Shows Are Returning This Summer And You Don’t Want To Miss Them

BY Delara Zand / Jun 6 2019 / 18:15 PM

We've got you covered during the hottest months of the year

These TV Shows Are Returning This Summer And You Don’t Want To Miss Them

There’s nothing quite like that empty feeling after you’ve exhausted all the available seasons of a TV show, mere days after you started watching it, because you got so hooked. Totally reasonable, since a show like Big Little Lies premiered back in 2017 and we watched most of it in a day. Well fear not, 'cause as temperatures start to soar and every day feels more like a Netflix lazy day, you’re in for a real treat. Some of today’s most beloved shows are making a return to our screens with brand-new episodes, just in time for you to embark upon a well-deserved summer TV binge. There’s something for everyone: sci-fi, comedy, or a good dose of dystopian drama.

Black Mirror - 5 June, Netflix

We were shook when the trailer for Black Mirror’s much-anticipated fifth season dropped and it featured none other than Miley Cyrus (sporting a lilac wig). In signature Black Mirror fashion, the episode seemed to depicted a dark face of the popstar dream. Now, you can finally see what that was all about. Three new stories have been released, and though that may seem few, you can be sure they’ll still be on our mind days later. A show that never fails to impress with its uncannily incisive snapshots of our digital era, get ready to feel anything but comfortable and question the past, present and future of technology, relationships and the world as we know it.

Big Little Lies - 9 June, OSN

If any show deserves a second season, it’s this one. Our relief was palpable when we heard the ladies of Monterey would be back together, facing the consequences of their actions in the first season’s finale, and navigating the web of lies they’ve spun - except that now, we, as the audience, are in on the secrets. And it looks like the Monterey 5 might become the Monterey 6: Meryl Streep is the high-profile addition to an already star-studded cast.

Stranger Things - 4 July, Netflix

“We’re not kids anymore”, warns Mike in the trailer for the sci-fi show’s third instalment. The two-minute teaser, which dropped in March, reveals that although the show’s children may be entering a new stage of lives - their teenage years - the horrors they face in Hawkins, Indiana are very much the same. An instant viral success, a third season has been in the works since 2017. Be transported back to 1985, in all its ‘80s-style diner glory, for a summer in Hawkins that “can change everything”.

Suits - 17 July, OSN

It was recently announced that Suits’ ninth season would be its last. After an epic eight-year run, the legal drama will draw to a close with a ten-episode final season, airing next month.  With so many questions unanswered, bad blood unsettled and relationships yet to be explored, expectations are high. The cast will comprise faces old and new, with Patrick J. Adams (Meghan Markle’s co-star, who left with her at the end of season seven) slated to reprise his role as Mike Ross. We doubt we’ll be seeing the Duchess of Sussex herself return to Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams, but perhaps she’ll be watching from the comfort of Frogmore Cottage.

Money Heist - 19 July, Netflix

We can’t get enough of the thrilling Spanish heist drama, whose great achievement is making us avidly root for the criminal masterminds. But it does beg the question, after pulling off their heist of the Spanish Royal Mint and evading law enforcement in the first two parts, what’s next for the group of thieves? What does post-heist life, or perhaps even ordinary life look like? The trailer teases that life back out in the real world is not as simple as the gang hoped, with El Profesor confessing that “staying alive” is really the hardest part. With the return of fan favourites like Tokyo, played by former BAZAAR cover star Úrsula Corbero, Netflix’s most-watched non-English series surely won’t disappoint.