Will.i.Am Appointed The Voice Of The Expo 2020

BY Milli Midwood / Oct 23 2019 / 13:06 PM

“Be there to see the alliance of art, music, fashion and science”

Will.i.Am Appointed The Voice Of The Expo 2020

Will.i.Am may have a Grammy Award on his mantel piece and an illustrious music career under his belt, but the rapper and entrepreneur is also fully immersed in the world of technology. The Black Eyes Peas singer has dabbled in wearables with products like the Puls smartband and iPhone cases, partnered with Majid Al Futtaim partners to offer new AI-powered experiences to shoppers, and is also the founder of i.am+, an AI-centred tech company.

The musician is becoming synonymous with the tech and virtual reality industry, so it may come as little surprise to know he has been appointed the voice of Dubai’s Expo 2020.

In a recent campaign released to mark the one year countdown, Will.i.Am is seen rhyming a one-minute promo for next year's event.

“You weren’t there when humans conquered fire, when they wore animal skin attire or invented the bicycle tyre,” say the lyrics. “You weren’t there when they created algebra, built the pyramids in Giza or painted the Mona Lisa. You weren’t there when they first made paper or built the amphitheatre, when they calculated gravity or made flying a reality. You weren’t there when they composed the classics or discovered antibiotics, made the mechanical clock or taught the world to rock. ”

Echoing the theme of this year’s Bazaar Capsule event, the 44-year-old musician also raps, “Be there to see the alliance of art, music, fashion and science. See a futuristic festival filled with ideas new and radical, performances magical, in a six-month-long spectacle. This, you can’t afford to miss. It’s the best of human kind and the greatest show of our time.”

The Expo 2020 Dubai will open on October 20, 2020 and run for six months, finishing on April 10, 2021.